Kelly Phineas Gasket

Kelly P. Gasket is a Superior Gold-and-White Marmoset from Planet Kratos. He is a skilled and intelligent mechanic assistant for Grinchgrog Carnavan who doesn't help make designs for his robotic minion forces (Which is Professor Gloom's job), but designs and builds his inventions. He came from a family of thieves who were all captured by the Super Ops recently, and went to help Grinchgrog to avenge them. Though Grinchgrog treats him as second-best, he still remains semi-loyal to him, and almost never questions his actions unless necessary. Of course, given that he's merely just a thief and not the kind of superior Grinchgrog is, it would take something despicable enough for Grinchgrog to do to make Gasket reconsider hanging out with him from then on, and it helps little that he secretly dislikes being treated like a second banana to a handicapped supervillain and a fallen superhero member of a legendary group that doesn't yet realize he was conned to betray his real friends and yet is supposed to be a genius. He unintentionally discovered the truth that it was Grinchgrog who planted the Negathon Plant that tried to eat Gloom so he can be able to trick him to begin with, which he also isn't a fan of. His powers include ghosting, invisibility, sublimation, fire manipulation, and psychometry.
  • MCode: FmGhIvbPsySul


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