Gaul is a member of the Villain League, ruler of the Apes, a loyal servant of the Dark Master, and the primary antagonist of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.


Gaul is a disgusting, hairy wart-covered enormous ape with one eye as a green shining jewel. Several scars run across his demented face, suggesting that Gaul is a seasoned fighter. He has a purple, horned helmet that looks very similar to a Viking's helmet. He wields a pair of scimitar swords and a long staff brimming with magic.


The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night[3]Edit

It was revealed that Gaul was the one who led the raid on the Dragon Temple on the night of Spyro's birth and was also the one who stole Cynder's egg. After the events of A New Beginning, he planned to revive the Dark Master from the Well of Souls so the Apes can get revenge on the Dragon race and to satisfy their lust for power in the impression they would be rewarded. Gaul's apes later re-captured Cynder and held her at the Mountain of Malefor to be taken back by the Dark Master or she would the first to perish by his hand. Spyro then arrived to save Cynder from Gaul, but the Ape King used his staff to render the young purple dragon weak and drained him of his elemental powers. Gaul then battled Spyro before stumbling down into another floor of the mountain. Infused by the dark power of the Lunar Alignment used to free the Dark Master from the Well of Souls, Spyro killed Gaul by turning him to stone, then breaking him into pieces using his Convexity Fury.

Role in the series

Gaul has been resurrected by Malefor to watch over the Well of Souls so that the Princesses' hearts can be used to open the Final Keyhole and release him from the Banished Realms. He was corrupted to be more Loyal to Malefor instead of his own personal goals.

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