Giselle "Gazelle" Horndreas.
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Vital statistics
Title Gazelle (Canon name, Rich Moore confirmed that Gazelle is her real name, as opposed to a stage name), Greatest Singer of "Zootopia's" Lifetime, Angel with Horns, Shakira as a Gazelle, Pop Star, Sparkles, The Uniter, The Female Ultamate Trump Card, Miss Politically Correct, The Celeberty Activist, The Famous Eco Conservationest, Pop Star Singer Turned Messiah, Space Messiah, Giselle Horndreas.
Gender Female.
Race/Species Thompson's gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii)
Faction Uniter Strain.

Shell Louge Squad (Under their watch).

Description Won't give up, won't give in till she reach the end and start again.
Skills and Abilities Tries about everything even at risk of failure, singing voice, daredevil lifesytile, fighting champ, stronger then she looks, hips that do not lie (You can thank Shakira for that), powers based on presence of the Uniter Blade.
Status Alive.
Location Zootopia (Homeworld), around Sahara Square in the Palm Springs Hotel (In condition of Advertisement).

Dragon Guardian Temple (Current residence in part of having to live with the Lougers.)

Alignment WAY good.
Gazelle is a famous pop star in the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia.

Gazelle is very popular in the world of Zootopia, having many fans, which include Judy Hopps, Clawhauser, and surprisingly even the normally gruff and hard to impress Chief Bogo. Her importance and popularity stems from the fact that she is very socially-minded and is all about acceptance and equality for all.

In the Film.

Gazelle w Tigers render

Gazelle with two of her tigers.

Gazelle is first introduced singing her song "Try Everything", on Judy Hopps' playlist as she is traveling to Zootopia, then at the end, where she was seen as a recording on a jumbo-tron TV introducing herself and saying "Welcome to Zootopia".

She is later featured on a phone app where the user can tag their face on a tiger backup dancer performing next to Gazelle, which Clawhauser and Chief Bogo are fans of. 

Later on, as fear and discrimination against predators takes hold in Zootopia for fear of them going savage, Gazelle holds a peaceful protest and publicly asks for the harmonious Zootopia she loves and cherishes to be restored. 

During the end credits, Gazelle, flanked by four dancing tigers, holds a concert in the middle of town square for all of Zootopia, excluding those incarcerated (though they all dance to it except for Bellwether).

Role in the Series.

Gazelle Zootopia

Gazelle. (While Preforming)

Gazelle has even more to her then her limited time in the canon film shown. And also, she has an even greater purpose then just being a pop star. In due to saving the life of a Lightfly Queen as a very young child, she was given the Uniter Blade, tecnecally meaning she was choosen to become the Uniter Princess of All Hearts, or just the Uniter for short. Because she never fully understood the full extent, she just keep the blade's jewerly form as just that, jewerly, and went on to become a celeberty by Hecktor Heckler. While Hecktor supports Gazelle's more socially aware beliefs, he has to deal with the stress of her allowing it to go to the point of active activisum, which alcourse, placed her at odds with a netourious senator known as Senator White. Gazelle in her childhood priorly knew a younger Duke Weaselton, a struggling family man and used to help him in a fraudulent "Girl Scout's Cookies" operation, and in her teens, knew of Bellwether, a troubled sheep who was tormented by bullies and Gazelle always tried to help her, but the same bullies always end up botching it up, leading to Bellwether to make assumtions that Gazelle is in on it, which in truth that Bellwether's rotten childhood is the true shorce of her hatred torwords preds, with the mistreatment by Mayor Leo Lionheart, being what broke the camel's back. Gazelle lives in shame of failing to help Bellwether and disguises it well under her always cheerful mask. She is also a daredevil at heart, and has been known to seek out stunts and attend fighting torniments of all kinds, even learning martical arts mixed with her dancing skills and things she learned from free-running, which she gotten from the swift Duke. She suffered from a childhood tragity where a car crash in her earliest childhood left her parents mentally incompident that she was adopted by Tigers, who one of them was the nurse that nursed her back to health, which started her fondness for Predators, and where she met her back-up dancers, who are her brothers who espire a passion for dancing. However, while not a true-on idiot, she is prone to be easily distracted and gets over-excited by certain things to the point she loses track of herself. She always had a fascination of life beyond Zootopia, and soon, her wish to see them will be answered. 

Gazelle UPA

Gazelle (Uniter Princess Avatar)

The Uniter Blade

The Uniter Blade

As a Uniter, dispite this newfound power, because of understanding them so late, she's barely scratched the surface of their true powers, but as she is, she is able to withstand even the likes of Kai. Her current state is forbiddable enough at best, but when she embraces a harsh truth of any event and put aside her usual preference of kindness to do an act of greater good, she dolves right into an Avatar-State of the Uniter, a near omipotent force complete with even her keyblade turning into a an entirely different weapon even stronger then just as the uniter blade alone, throeditcly strong enough to even beat a mass swarm of Darkspawn without barely even trying, even against the likes of the darkest of evils or the most powerful of what the universes have to offer. Alchourse, because Gazelle knows that this state is MORE then alittle too powerful and overkill, she reserves it to when it is truely needed and not allow her to be even more of an ultamate trump card then already. She was never the kind to, go extreme at the first sign of trouble.
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