Gazellioia Rightra

Gazelliola Barrett Rightra

Gazelliola B. Rightra is a Superior Rhim gazelle from Kratos. She is a former Kratosian Senator and leader of the Superior Powers Unlimited group, sometimes called "Super-Powers Unlimited" and a multatude of simular nicknames, dedicated to turn powers from privileges into rights. For a while, the Rightra family have long complained about the strictness of Superior rules and the harshness of the punishments for the rules. They argued that the 'unfairness' of the rules would only serve to increase evil Superiors than to prevent it. While the claim is understandable, it's being counter-argued that not having these strict rules wouldn't exactly have any better effect and would in fact be worse. Gazelliola is especially loyal to the family belief. She is sympathetic for Superiors born or given powers that are 'restricted' because those certain powers tend to be the most destructive, such as the case of power mimicry and time-travel. However, she originally felt that the belief was never going to be taken seriously and all it served was to make the Rightra name look horrible and misguided, so eventually she settled down and adopted a toddler son who had power mimicry. Regardless of mimicry considered to be widely-unpopular due to that it's a commonly-abused power, she cared for him anyway. However, when Master Algorithm attempted to protect Ororo Joltzen from the Mimic Cult by using an albeit-controversial and misguided move of banning mimicry, he unknowingly resurrected mimicry-discrimination that ruined her son's life. It drove him into messing with the Superior drug mutoquantonium, which he tried to use to rid himself of his power mimicry, but instead of just doing that, it made him go on an unstoppable rampage as a mutated beast, resulting in a power flux that ultimately took his life. Broken, saddened, distraught, and grieving, Gazelliola's hatred for the strictness of the rules and laws of Kratos reawakened with a vengeance. She attempted many times to pass bills that would amend the laws to soften the strictness, but each one of them had failed. The Kratosian Senate felt that Gazelliola has became 'unprofessional' in her attempt to avenge her son by abusing the political system, and she was impeached for it. She then proceeded to found the SPU with several other Superiors that agreed that the rules are unfair, where they protested and accused the rules of unfairness, and that superpowers shouldn't be treated the same way as vehicles are. It's well-intentional, but it opens herself up to be used by obviously-dishonest individuals that, while sharing her feelings about the rules, but however, they are in it for the wrong reasons. Her powers include her hereditary super-agility and endurance, mind-control, blaster breath, elasticity, and force-field generation.
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  • "They think I'm just an overly emotional fool for doing this. Ungrateful fools!?"
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