Geckeena Salmeena Gecko

Geckeena Salmeena Gecko is a Tropical House Gecko from the Dragon Realms. She is a real nature lover and quite a lover of animals, current, mythological, and even prehistoric. That love drove her to visit around worlds and learn their ways, their strength and weaknesses, their hapits and what makes them tick. She's a studier by heart and would always take the time to study her surroundings and the creatures themselves before acting. Her athletic and gymastic prowless enables her to dodge any would-be threat and stay above as quickly as possable. Her life changed forever when she saved Dr. Crozz Eyez from being a predator's would-be lunch through her knowledge of the creature's weak point. It wasn't love at first sight realisticly, but the two became friends from the exspearience, which alchourse, due to shared interests, it was only a matter of time. While Geckeena isn't a sciencetist, she became a member of Mega-Sci Corp because of being with Crozz-Eyez, where her abilities kept animals calm. However, she doesn't nessersarly liked Dr. Marz, not only being a thankless twat, but for the obvious reason of harming animals for science. But her love for Crozz keeps her around, though she still finds Marz's nasty ego and cruelty hard to swallow. What made it finally worth it all is when Crozz and Geckeena married. However, when a visit to The Great Valley lead to the discovery of speical goo, Geckeena supported her husband's beliefs that the goo, capable to "magicly" make any creature athletic when even it's feets normally impossable for them. Alchourse, natrolly they still have to LEARN to do them, so Geckeena became a "Pack/Herd" mother to the animals. She is equilly amazed on what even heavy bodied creatures like Horses and Giraffes are capable of doing thanks to the goo, but she is uncertain of Marz's reliablity, even more so when he wants to turn the goo and it's abilities into a millaterry item. She too shares a friendship with Lord Rareington, in fact, she used to worked with the wildlife federation with him until he was resigned by the higher ups for a controverseal mistake, where she eventally resigned on her own terms to persue her nature exploring passions. However, she is concerned about Rareington's troubles, as she felt that "his vibes are off" to her. However, things turn tough for her and Crozz when Marz' and Rareington's controversey were threatening to hurt them as well, so Crozz was able to convince Marz to move the project to a more private location, where they had been ever since, as Geckeena, out of concern for her husband, has felt that maybe the goo should've been left alone and that the project is no longer worth to be kept alive, not only to avoid controvesey, but she is secretly afraid that those with "bad vibes" like villains worse then Dr. Marz would abuse the gift the slime offers. Her skills kept her husband and the animals safe from the native Raptors as she tamed the raptors by becoming the alpha of any raptor pack that dared tried to make a meal out of the animals thanks to her prior knowledge on the creatures. Wearing only a cape, she tecnecally doesn't have to worry about being indecent since she's an anthromorthic animal without certain "Human-like assets", but does close up the cape to avoid being stared by the overly curious, the overly judgemental and the sexually depraved, only opening it up alone in her hikes or with her husband.


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  • "My husband and his beliefs come first."
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