Gee Nee

Gee Nee the Genie

Gee Nee is a Dragon Realmian Female Genie that is serving Master Thief. After many years of granting wishes to ungrateful or aphathic masters, Gee Nee suffered from the same Fatque Genie got from having phenonical cosmic power yet having to be held in a tiny female genie's lamp. Her life changed when she was rescued by a down on his luck nobody rogue from Avalar during the events of the Legend of Spyro series. The two felt a personal connection in being unappresiated in their particular paths, Thief being a common nobody crook, and Gee Nee being an enslaved genie. So the two agreed to help eachother out. Thief asked to make himself the leader of a new powerful thieves guild, so Gee Nee turned local creatures into obedient thieves, and Thief given a major upgrade in attire to go with the first wish. The second wish was to have a hideout, of which Gee Nee took them to that exact hideout. The final wish bewildered and surprised Gee Nee: for Thief to free her, thus, she was no longer bound by her lamp, and was free to do things on her free will. And she choice to be the lover and bodyguard of Thief, finally finding a considerably better purpose then an enturnity of servitude to the next master. She is partically why Thief's newfound organisation always survives dispansions as her magic is beyond even Genie's magic and beyond even the strongest Dragon Realmian Fairy.
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