Gelotosa the Giggly

Gelotosa Ha Laughlin

Gelotosa Ha Laughlin the Giggly is a Lightfly who currently resides in the world of Monstropolis. She is a very hyperactive Lightfly whose magic actually has the power to give off laughter and she is so funny she made a living making jokes and doing jobs as an entertainer. But then Elzaorbana was so impressed by this when she performed for her that she sent her to Monstropolis. After seeing that laughter was 10x more powerful than the scream the monsters there used as power, she made it her goal to ensure laughter replaced scream as the world's power source, especially since there was an energy crisis caused by the growing difficulty of scaring children. Though she blended in with her monster-like appearance, she didn't make a good first impression because of cracking up about how silly the monsters there looked, she met Madam Therium, a pterosaur-like monster that disagreed with the lies spread about human children being fatally toxic, as her school research on human biology specified no such toxicity, yet nobody believed her. To ensure this conspiracy is stopped, she enlists help from Gelotosa, who sees greatness that even impresses Elzaorbana into making her the Uniter Princess, giving her the power to stop the lies spread by Decepta the Temptress.
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