The Gemini Androids, GA-1 and GA-2, are fictional Superior androids published in Kratos' XD Comix. They are both biomechanical androids designed by Incursion to look like and have the powers of Black von Skull, and carry out tasks that he himself would normally do. They both have a telepathic link to each other that allows them to communicate with each other. They had brute robotic strength and over-the-top powers that make them formidable opponents to any hero. They were tasked a couple of times with hunting down opponents before, but their last mission took them to 2 homeworlds of the Victorians, which their job was to find an capture the Victorians' loved ones so von Skull could bribe them into revealing their origins to Kratos. GA-1 was sent to Kra-20 and GA-2 was sent to Kra-05. Both of them had the capabilities to pull their jobs off, and one of them managed to find the location. Unfortunately, both were destroyed with their heads remaining operational. Once they contacted their progress to von Skull, he got angry for their failure and made their heads self-destruct, destroying them. They were similar to Terminators, with their circuitry and wiring being so complex, it would be difficult to stop them. They were experts in weaponry, and they had a vast arsenal of settings. They had similar powers to their master, but their robotic capabilities added to them.


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