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Awhile back, Xenon and Kate went to an exbition to the infamous world of Mutantus, where because of the actions of BioGen Inc, is now a world dominated by it's mutantious mistakes of it's exspeariments and those left to become new mutant residence. They, along side a team fo Mega-Sci Corp exberts, have went missing and weren't heard from again for weeks since their short exbition ended awhile ago. The Shell Louge Squad quickly show concern that they befellen to mutants and have went out of their way to help them, while Gazelle is struggling with a state of broken-heartedness when she heard of what went down in the mutant-dominated world. Unfortunately, Lougers and Gazelle ended up being seperated from each-other thanks to Sky Raiders trying to get their van for scrap metal! While the Misfits are stranded in various parts of the lands of Mutantus, Gazelle is left on her own, without even Duke to be around her. Even with the Uniter Blade, she is in a state of dispear and fear she hasn't felt since how her parents went into mental insanity from the fateful crash. She is then cornered by a trio of Swamp People who look like deformed versons of The Frog Hunters, where due to Gazelle's helpless state she wasn't able to fight them off! She seemed done for, but suddenly, she was rescued by unlikely forces. The Swamp People trio were chased off by another trio of misfited mutants. Semi-Sentent ones. A Day Lurker with big dreams named Hissgo, A Buzudar who's words hurt more then his sting, named Buzzword, and a female Noi Geni with a good heart but of absint-mind and short-attention span, Yowi. Though Gazelle proved still fearful around her rescuers, she does appresiates their aide and asked why they did it at all. Hissgo explains that mutants of Mutantus are not all as bad as BioGen wrote them off as. They only want to be accepted and embrace as real people reguardless of unpleasent origins. Though Gazelle asked why other mutants weren't as bad as the likes of the Swamp People, Buzzword snarkfully replied that the "master mutants", the Waterliods, are still trying to tame those "stupid inbreeding happy rednecks" and to not blame them for the "slow as all hell progress", with Hissgo politely correcting it as the waterliods are respondsable for passifying alot of mutants of BioGen, though others are still works in progress. The trio offer to take Gazelle to Mutantetoplois, the mutant capital of the mutant planet. Gazelle asked to have them help her relocate her friends, though she was warned that they are either in still dangerious mutant lands or even in terratories of BioGen's main enforcers, Team Gunz, a supersoldier millita that serves BioGen with little to no questions and is BioGen's anti-rebelion force. With the guidence of Hissgo's Golum/Smegul-like friend, A digger named Dirty Goblin, Gazelle and her new friends must find the other Lougers and discover more about Mutantus and the crimes of BioGen. However, Mutantus is crawling with problems from mutants and normals alike. 1: The most infamous mutants of all, Dreadnails, have come under the rule of a new alpha female Croca named Leatherskined Bitch, have declaired war on the main capital against the Waterliods due to their intentions to seek out peace and over their ooccupation of "The Messiah of DNA". 2: Raiders, Marauders, and Bandits of all kinds are seen around Team Gunz Terratories and appear to be selling them weapons and even folks they "aquired and found" to controled vaults run by BioGen, implying a questionable conspiracty in the works. 3: BioGen workers have done something to the lands of the Plant People that is making them and the plants sick and is a new eviomental risk never seen before. 4: A BioGen lead sciencetist is brainwashing control of the likes of Wild Necros, Spirit Folk, and Z-18 suits to serve Bio-Gen indirectly when they capture either outsiders or escapees of the controled vaults. 5: Brood Worm Infestations have become rampid and problematic to mutants and normals alike, all coming form a defunt western theme park town. And 6: The leader of BioGen, Doctor Bio Genner the 65th, is planning a massive project to quell the mutant issue for good against all mutants as part of a larger plan hiding behind seemingly incowincidental insodents. And to top it off, it is reveiled that Xenon in a way IS the Messiah of DNA for Mutantus, which is why he and the others didn't return because the Waterliod Crabman leader, Lord Decapod, had asked for Xenon's aide for liberating mutant and normal kind from BioGen for their infamous actions against both scetrums. Can Gazelle be able to save the Lougers and stop the BioGen coup against Mutantus before it's too late?


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Killer - The Ready Set (lyrics)

Killer - The Ready Set (lyrics)

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  • Doctor Genner
  • Yowi
  • Hissgo
  • Buzzword
  • Dirty Goblin
  • Leatherskined Bitch
  • Lord Decapod
  • Slurpy- Hissgo's pet Fallout Centaur-like beast.
  • King Lardass- The previous obese leader of the Dreadnails.
  • Vizor Black La'goon- Decapod's Fishman assistant.
  • Glee & Grudge- Decapod's adopted two-headed gazelle daughter and Hissgo's crush.
  • Faught- A Supermutant and bodyguard of Decapod.
  • Buzzkill- Buzzword's violent brother.
  • General Gunner- The human leader of Team Gunz.
  • President Falle- The president of all normals.
  • Doctor Helms- The head of AEV research for BioGen and creator of the Supermutants.
  • Benjamin Ostrowski- The head of BioGen rival Ostrowski Futuristic Services, which despite stealing from BioGen, is a more honest and trusting business that does BioGen's job better.
  • Elder Felker- The head of the Prized Guard in the capital of normal territory, Prize City where President Falle lives
  • Sentinel Felker- Elder Felker's son and the second-in-command of the Prized Guard.
  • Sentinel Hurt- Sentinel Felker's partner.
  • Nolte Vallas- An android and detective and inspector for the Prized Guard.
  • Miss Irma- Nolte's female human partner.
  • Trashy- A travelling scrap merchant and junker, looter, and trader who lives in the Junk Slums of the northern Central Lands and formerly in Junkertown.
  • Locust- A semi-crazed scrap merchant and trader from Junkertown.
  • Merc McDonald- The head mercenary of Fort Haggle and the Mercs of Haggle.
  • Snapes- An android assassin under the employment of BioGen and benefactor for McDonald.
  • Zahl- An android assassin under General Gunner's command.
  • Lord Evolfield- The dead previous mutant leader of mutants.
  • Commandant Mayfield- A deceased former veteran for the pre-End era of Mutantus who founded the building blocks for a technologically improved military.
  • Elder Eden- The last leader of the Mutans long ago that exists as a part of technology since he apparently became a being of pure DNA living within a secret that granted the biological specialties Mutantus is known for.
  • Mayor Stangeland- The genetically perfect mayor of Institutional City.

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Northern Wastes

  • Mutantopolis- The Rest of the Lodgers safely rescued by Waterliods and controled mutants.
  • BioGen Vault 22- The first half of the lost Lodgers captured by raiders.
  • BioGen's Z-18 Research Facility/Z-18 Suit's Base- Mushu, Sir Hiss, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, Brandy, Mr. Wiskers, Sam and Max, Lucky Jack and Batty
  • Team Gunz' HQ- Devon and Cornwall, Phil the Goatman, Trigger & Nutzy, Dodger and co, Merlin and Archimedies, Chi-Fu and the Chimera

Southern Wastes

  • Spirit Folk Territory- The Hyenas, The Kung Fu Team, The Dactyls, The Raptors, and the Digi-Group
  • Swamp People Territory- Gazelle

Eastern Wastes

  • BioGen Greenhouse Base/Plant People Territory- Mr. Smee, Pain and Panic, Creeper, Djon, Shrek, Donkey, Puss, Samson, Ryan and Co., and Count Razoff
  • BioGen Zoo/Croca Territory- The Madagascar Team, The Penguins, Savio, Kaa, Lola Boa, and Ed the Otter
  • Wild Necro Plains- Trixie, Gilda, Icky, Iago, Thundera, and Fidget

Western Wastes

  • BioGen 'Wild Wild Westerns' Park/Brood Worm Hive- Team Monster, The Wonderlandians, and Miguel and Tuilo
  • Dreadnail Territory- Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs


Fallout 3 - Soundtrack - "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" by The Ink Spots

Fallout 3 - Soundtrack - "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" by The Ink Spots

Mutantus Introductory Theme

Finding Nemo Videogame OST 05 - Mask Chase

Finding Nemo Videogame OST 05 - Mask Chase

Monster Chase Theme

The Lion King Be Prepared Sing-A-Long Disney

The Lion King Be Prepared Sing-A-Long Disney

King Lardass's Song

Green Day -Boulevard of Broken Dreams lyrics

Green Day -Boulevard of Broken Dreams lyrics

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