General Flark Ga Roop

General Flark Ga Roop

General Flark Ga Roop is an Alternate UUniversal Fgaken from Planet Narene. He is considered the most embarrassingly-idiotic and incompetent villain ever to surface. Rudely being kicked out of his people's military for an accident that left his commanding officer getting a prosthetic butt, he wanted revenge by becoming the greatest threat in the AUU. However, his intentions constantly fell flat on it's face. His involvement with the Villains Act was incredibly brief because of a failed one-time invasion of the British planet of Usuabloth, which lead to him being easily charmed by their 'British-like' personas, he didn't had the heart and the nerve to even harm a soldier, idiotically cancelling the attack, throwing himself into the scorn and backlash by the members of the Villains Act for his idiocy and was fired on the spot. No other invasions of Usuabloth were planned due to a impression that even the toughest and merciless of generals would end up failing like Flark did, and decided to avoid it out of newfound fear of being recognized as a disgrace. Flark was therefore declared a hero for damaging Villains Act reputation and cancelling out future attacks on Usuabloth, but it didn't protect him from the Grand Council, who attempted to seek him out, question him and put him on trial. Flark, in a misguided gaze, wants to appease the Villains Act, but it fell short before he could do it, and he was secretly glad they got what they deserved. He has since started hiding on one of the worst possible hiding spots in the UUniverses: Rabodia, the homeworld of one of the dominant races, the Rabodans. He was then allied to Archduke Londus Shoralke, who promises 'fragile information' that would wound the Legion that he would give to the VA left-overs, and make him truly infamous. But Flark actually knows that the Archduke has no true intentions to actually help the enemy of the Legion, and knows what info he'll bring out is false, but will send it anyway as part of his own revenge on the Villains Act by making them look bad by tricking them with false weaknesses of the Legion and be able to enjoy getting justice for their unforgiving actions. He has an annoying habit of saying 'SQUAWK!' all the time because of his species, and he's like a even more dim-witted version of Narcotic.


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