General Grutus Maximus

General Glutus Cirius Maximus

General Glutus C. Maximus is an Alternate UUniversal Yatoran from Planet Mieber. He is the commander of the Mieberian Order Force that enforces the strict bans on liberties and is actually very bitter, very rough, and very strict, refusing to give any warnings about the laws when they are broken, and will not be merciful when people back-talk him. He is the one who wrote all the regulations, laws, and penalties regarding the utopia that takes it's peace business far too seriously. He declared that swearing is punishable by fines which increase when repeated, he declared that alcohol is punishable by a massive amount of jailtime, and he declared that drugs of any kind are punishable by execution and even buying it is punishable by outrageous fines. He is the most hated by the people of the Underground, and they make fun of his own name, which comes from his abnormally-large rear, as Undergrounders like Hope Qonnors like to call him names with the word 'ass' in it as an insult to his name, plus adding more salt in the wound by referring to the MOF's acronym as 'MOFO', which angers him even further. He takes his job seriously, or maybe even too seriously. He will not hesitate to enforce the laws of Mieber's utopia. He does have more tragic motivations though. The rebels pushed him too far when they murdered his own family just to spite him for fighting for order and law, making the already controverseal general darker then already, making him swore to destroy the rebels for their actions, which worsen when they began to go terrorists.


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  • "I am a servant of order, and order SLAYS chaos! And the Mieberian Underground IS CHAOS! They care for nothing but their 'personal liberties' and think that alcohol, drugs, and swearing is such. THAT'S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT! THEY HAVE NO REGARD FOR OUR LIVES, SO WHY CARE FOR THEIRS?!?"
  • (Reciting Mieberian Order Forces slogan) "In a world of chaos, order prevails!"
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