General Gormac

General Corse Nonno Gormac

General Corse N. Gormac is a Yatoran general in the Alternate Universe Millaterry who's ansistery created the Nova-Titan series, which includes Unit Rgova-Cronus-UNAMS7. Gormac is.... A real, piece of work. He actselly HATES the Heroes Act and the idea of them being founded and allowed by The Alternate UUniversal Grand Council cause he felt it made the millaterry look inadiquite, useless, un-needed and un-nessersary. He tried many times to prove the millatery is capable to stop the Villains Act, but all attempts end with him losing an arm, some pieces of ear, and his eye. The desidion was eventally final, and Gormac never once appresiated them and secretly ENJOYS that the VA always obstructed them. Then, came his second least faverite heroes, The Shell Lodge Squad, who defeated the VA and enabled the Heroes Act to become slowly stronger. He hates it more that it still is running even when the VA is more deader then alternate dinosaurs as a "Fruitless" countermeasure against future uprisings. He desided the only way he can FINALLY prove that the HA and the Lougers are useless and inferior is INTENTIONALLY make them discover that Rgova is peaceful and get them in an unescapeable situation where they either destroy Rgova or become traitors so only the Alternate Universe Millaterry is deemed the only TRUE protactors. He's pretty much a self-entitled jerk-off and dispises anyone that ends up greater then him.
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