General Grandfather Clock

General Marcus Vincent 'Grandfather' Clock

General Marcus V. Clock, AKA General Grandfather Clock, is a Superior ringtailed lemur from Planet Kratos. He is the leader of the Chronokinetics Agency who is uncontrollably strict, has kept the secret loophole of time travel from everyone to ensure no one would ever abuse it or alter time without paradoxes, and to make sure everyone obeys the natural order of time, even if it's deemed unfair and that even if precautions are offered. He refuses to let anyone change time if it benefits more individuals than all of Kratos, and if they did make a change, he wouldn't care if that change involves preventing a loved one from dying, he will properly restore it even if it means he would allow that loved one to be forever lost. He is very unpopular even to Master Algor because of his unforgivable attitude, as well as his rule that those who dare to oppose him too much, or even do it legally, he uses his empowered telekinesis to torture and execute 'in the name of the law'. His abilities include time-manipulation, telekinesis, teleportation, telescopic vision, ghosting, omilingualism, psychometry, force-field generation, and super-strength.
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Marcus was born on Kratos and lived during the times before the Big Shake. When he was a little child, he was inadequate with his time-travelling ability, but his other superpowers were easy to control. When he became a teenager, he had already mastered his time-travel, and when using it successfully for the first time in his life, what started out fine turned out to be bad. He went back in time in order to cure a dead friend of his from his sickness, and he was immediately saved. However, he was met by Saldaron, whom Superiors, and even trainees of the Chronokinetics Agency, saw as 'Saldar the Chronic', and was angry at Marcus who damaged the time stream just to save a friend. Even though Marcus tried to explain, Saldaron harshly warned him that changing time causes much more than changes in the future. It could, if not carefully done, bring forth a paradox apocalypse with devastating surly paradox portals of destruction. Plus, he reveals what his future would look like: his friend would become the new ruler of Kratos, and make time-travel a non-strict power, causing the risk of the apocalypse to get even worse. Traumatized beyond help, Saldaron undoes the time change, and warns him that time is not to be played with, and that he must no longer use it for personal gain, or the consequences could be dangerous. Eventually, he did dsicover the time secret that you can change history without a surly paradox doomsday if you did it 'indirectly'. But instead of using it as a practice, he has kept it a secret to himself, fearing if the theory isn't correct or the possibly of other forms of consequences.

Years later, he became a member of the Chronokinetics Agency who ranked up higher and higher every year until he was finally made the new leader. Not forgetting his mistake years ago, he used his power to issue rules that stated that no time-travel was allowed without permission or admittance. He didn't even care when a massive number of Superiors died during the Big Shake 30 years later. He was tasked into protecting his agency, and one certain agent, Corbin Paradox, was filled with depression after he lost his parents and girlfriend in one of the battles of the Kratosian Civil War caused by Lord Kilopann Genocide, that occurred years later. Clock had forbidden Corbin to save them with his time-travelling powers, and told him of the consequences that could happen if he did it.

After Corbin altered the timeline, Clock named him a war hero after he seemingly sacrificed himself to end the war, not knowing that Corbin had faked his death to cover up his move. As the years passed, Clock continued to watch as Kratos was brought back to it's former glory after visitors started appearing again since the times before the Big Shake. But eventually, he'll realize that his beliefs will be the inevitable downfall to both him and Kratos.


As a leader of a time-manipulating agency, Clock can travel through time, slow down time, speed up time, or even freeze time. Using this power will also allow him to tell the past, present, and future. Though sometimes, time travel can have adverse effects, and he never uses time travel unless he has to.

He also has other powers such as the ability to use telekinesis. However, his training allows his telekinesis to be much stronger than others. He can sometimes use it for torture as well as for 'execution' by rupturing and controlling organs or bones, which is part of what makes him fearful. He can even project protective force-fields, turn invisible, lift objects 20 times his size, become fluent in an infinite number of languages, and learn the traits of anyone and anything by touch. He can also walk through walls, and teleport.


  • "My agency, my rules! Be sure to keep that in mind."
  • "Tampering with the timeline for personal means is strictly forbidden! YOU KNOW THAT! EVERYONE knows that!"
  • "I don't care who lives or dies, time is NOT something to be tampered with, period!"
  • "Alright, it's time I gave Corbin a warm CKA welcome! (Uses his telekinesis to torture Corbin as he screams in pain) YEAH! THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO DISOBEY ME!! TIME IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE TAMPERED WITH!! I COULDN'T CARE LESS HOW IMPOURENT AN ATTEMPTED CHANGE IS, EVEN IF IT'S TO PREVENT MASTER ALGOR FROM GETTING ASSASSINATED IN SOME WAY! WHATEVER I SAY WILL ALWAYS HAVE PRESIDENT?! AND WHAT I SAY, IS THIS!? DON'T... ALTER... THE TIMELINE!!! (Stops his torture) Oppose me anymore, and there's more where THAT came from!"
  • "Very well, then! If I can't punish you, then I'll have to execute you! (Kathleen: NOOO!!--)(Uses his telekinesis on Corbin, and a violent crack was heard in his body as he fell to the ground while his chest was bleeding)... (Corbin eventually fell to the ground dead) (Kathleen: CORBIN!! NOO!!!)... Don't take it so hard, Ms. Maelstrom, I'll save him as soon as the past has been corrected! But he's going to get punished in that timeline as well!"
  • (After Saldaron's paradox leads to the heroes pushing him down and stopping him from killing Corbin) "OW! YOU DARE TO INTERFERE IN AN EXECUTION?!? GET OFF OF ME, YOU ANNOYING LITTLE INSODURDONATES!! (Pushes them away with his telekinesis, yet he saw that Corbin was gone)... NOOOOO!!!"
  • "Look at what has happened! Kilopann is going to kill anyone who stands in his way! His only weakness is forever unknown thanks to you! This is our only chance at stopping him, and you know it!"
  • "Look at you, foolish monkey! You're a traitor to your own kind by opposing me! (Corbin: BUT YOU'RE ABOUT TO RISK EVERYONE ELSE IN THE PROCESS!!") I can't nesserarly help with that! It's not my fault time meant for certain people to die! If a horrendus unfixable wasteland is suppose to be Kratos' fate, who am I to question Time's ahtority on the matter!? Besides, it's not like we aren't doomed anyway, thanks to YOU CHEATING US OUT OF KNOWING KILLOPAN'S WEAKNESS!? Who's to say that homicideal bug won't be as cataclysmic as a historic earthquake?! Without that knowledge, many people will end up dying anyway, and, who knows, Kratos will end up becoming a horrendus wasteland anyway, or at least the parts that insane insect doesn't spare into an evil dystopia! I'm sorry to say that this is a lose-lose situation reguardless of what we do! And beleive me, a wasteland kratos is still unsightly, but it's better then a world ruled or destroyed by Killopan! And I rather take my chances with a mostly dead world then a mostly dead world RULED BY IT'S NEAR DESTROYER!? I will get the proper history back?! Even if it meant that I was suppose to be among the dead!? And if you want to stop me, you'll just have to KILL me!" (Shen tosses a blade that stabs him in the chest) DAHHHHHHHHHH!? Ack, I, was being, dramatic and theractical.... I didn't actselly wanted to be killed, you, basturds. (Lord Shen: "Well maybe you should've thought of that before you desided to say that after doing vastly unredeemable acts! One of which includes, oh, I don't know, MURDERING CORBIN BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T GIVE HIM THE PUNISHMENT YOU WANTED, AND ATTEMPTED WILLFUL DISRUPTION OF THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM!!")..... Ok, in hindsight, maybe trying to kill Corbin wasn't one of my, brighter choices. But can I help it if the Great Saldar wants me to be like this!?"
  • "Saldar?!"
  • "Wait..... Wait..... You were WRONG to be like that to me?"
  • "You mean, you, you only went that far because I ended up trying to save my friend during when you had to deal with a mess of time traveling shenanigans and you were suffering from work stress?!"
  • "You mean, if I did the indirect way and had the doctors discover that cure for my friend and then had my past self talk him out of wanting to make Time Travel powers less restricted, then.... You wouldn't've been mad, and there wouldn't be a paradox dooms day either way?....."
  • "..... WELL NOW I FEEL LIKE A STUPID ASSHOL- (Falls down and Dies) Bleh."
  • (After everything was changed, even General Clock's inital fate where he was made much kinder)".... Corbin..... You are an even greater hero then I originally anpisipated. I.... I was wrong to judge you poorly based on my now FORMER beliefs. While I must insist that we mustn't take time travel for granted, whether for good or bad reasons, personal or otherwise, we must not be too stingy about it either. Your a much fitting leader for the agentcy then this old fool will ever be."
  • "I DO, however, still have to call you out for leaving us in a timeline where we once again have to deal with an unkillable Killopan who's free to basicly do whatever he wants and has rendered the history of his weakness forever obsoleltle to the point that even Grotch would not know of what it is. We're pretty much condemned to a new-age criminal community and we're gonna be stuck with it for a long time unless- (Corbin: "(Goes in time and then comes back) Done. I indirectly made it that Killopan back when he was good was never victimised by the shake, thus rendering the original criminal community non-existent and prevented that war from ever happening") (Killopan and his forces vanished, as well as the damage they made and everything related to the history of that war goes poof).... Well, abit of a lazy way to do it admitingly, but in light that Killopan made it all but impossable to stop him otherwise, who am I to complain.... New General."
  • "Trust me Corpin, in light of my own bad behavior and lack of professional conduct, your a much worthier general. My behavior was unacceptable and inexcuseable.... People pretty much hated me anyway. I'm better off leaving and living in retirement. Not to mention that even though I have little memory of what I did, I'm still guilty of inexcuseable acts. I have to be made to answer them."
  • "I'll trust you'll handle the agentcy well, Corpin. (Gets taken away by the Super Ops)."
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