General Grosvenor

General Kardos Cyril Grosvenor

General Kardos C. Grosvenor is an Alternate UUniversal Hextramite from Planet Larvirium. He is a cyborg warrior similar to General Grievous who commanded many Villains Act invasion forces in his time. In fact, he was an important part in the VA. He lead many of the Starbots into defending controled Nimboo capitals from Nimbooian rebellion forces, he killed over 12 rebellion leaders, he commanded 7 space battles in his flagship Ingenuity and won all of them, he created the designs of several kinds of Starbots and as a reward, he gained his own personal Starbots called Magma Troopers, and he stood up to even the Legion of Dominant Races 4 times. He also had affiliations with the takeover of the AUU Currency Troupe and helped fund every kind of Villains Act army force ever known. Though most of his time in the Villains Act was dealing with rebellions from all over the AUU, one such lead to one of them on Planet Chimerum, where he invaded various cities searching for the hidden base, and even killed people while doing it. That was when he was defeated by the local hero, Clifton Clever. He soon came back for another showdown with Clifton with all his other enemies, blackmailing him with his girlfriend, Samantha, and his family. But he and the others were defeated once more. He has yet to return.


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