General Gunner

General Gunn Gatling Gunner

General Gunn G. Gunner is a genetically-perfected human from Mutantus. He is the ruthless, absolute, somewhat fair but firm, and very serious leader of Team Gunz, the technologically-perfected defense force of Mutantus created by BioGen Inc and issued by President Falle and the head of BioGen, Bio Genner LXV. He is a dark and brooding leader who does anything bad or good for the sake of keeping his world safe, and only resorts to discrimination when whoever he is interrogating is being rude and/or unreasonable, whatever it results in. He has cybernetically-enhanced arms, legs, a durable ribcage sac, a metal-coated skull and skeleton, cyber-enhanced eyes, artificially-enhanced senses, and he wields any and all forms of military equipment he finds just by looking at them, and he can do a variety of other things, doing them far better than any other Gunz agent. Unlike them, he willingly chose to be in Team Gunz, and grew into being their top leader, having a dream of keeping Mutantus safe since The End rendered his grandfather into a shriveled-up burned prune that eventually died of a shortened lifespan. He is essentially the Mutantus version of Fallout Colonel Autumn.


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