General Hextrus

General Aryse Bande Hextrus

General Aryze B. Hextrus is an Alternate UUniversal Craniomite from Planet Larvirium. He was once a soldier for his colony until he was banished for trying to sabotage a ceremony to announce the new king. The reason why is still debated. He may've been concerned that the king was either a tyrant or a useless ecomamy wrecking idiot and he just wanted to keep his colony from making what he assumed was a dumb mistake electing him. He soon began a war against them during the Interuniversal War for payback. Cause of a growing distrust to Monarchy as a whole that evolved from his unsureness to the new king that was coming, he intended to turn his old home into a communist society, but was ultimately defeated. He ran away to avoid his death sentence, and fled to Planet Oaxa. Upon hearing about the Villains Act, was able to join, and gather up his own army of cybernetic clone organisms (Similar to the Terminator) called 'CCOs', coming in multiple variations and forms, and got the best pure fusion weaponry the Villains Act had to offer. Due to the yellow aura their weapons produced, their forces were called the 'Yellow Revenant'. The far-more experienced CCOs were able to allow Hextrus to control over 7 parts of Oaxa. He had several tie-ins with other villains such as Doctor Ogel, who provided better weaponry for his army. Hextrus was soon defeated by Ace the Alpha, sending him to the prison planet of Oranos.


Aryse was born in a large colony on Planet Larvirium as a soldier Craniomite. Despite being only 3ft tall like his other people, he was a good fighter with the rest of the soldiers working together. His home lives in an imperial parliament society, being ruled by a king and queen, and a Parliamentary Council that chooses the king and queen and acts as judges. The Council chose Aryze to be the assistant of the next king and queen, who he was unsure of the king's true morality or compidence, considering that the king, was once a socialy awkword twat who grew up a dirt-poor peasent who only got this way because he fell in love with the Queen as a young princess. Afraid and unsure that the new king might end up a tyrant or make stupid ideas that hurts the ecomimy, he exposed the new king's origin's as a peasent in front of everyone, including the council. However, doing so, it made him look like a jerk when the new king ran away crying like a baby, having been promised no one was gonna call him out for being formerly poor by the queen. Realised he made a stupid pre-mature mistake, he begged for forgiveness, but the queen, in heart-broken fury, had him banished, and ordered the hand that pointed an accusation cut off, which explains the three arms deal.

Aryse was angry at his own home for not seeing things his way until he joined the cause of the Interuniversal War, gaining high-ranks during his time, and once reaching the proper rank to lead his own army, he betrayed his own commanding officer and lead an entire invasion force to his hometown. He was attempting to turn his own home into a Communist society where he and his forces would own everything in his hometown. Despite the fact that there was a hundred soldier Craniomites, there was a thousand invasion soldiers that outnumbered them. But, he was defeated by the smaller army thanks to them having an extremely compident and stragigic general, and he was sentenced to death. Unfortunately, he escaped before the sentence was carried out, and he fled to Planet Oaxa.

Aryse was discovered by the Oaxan Space Marines with the help of the Human Protection Agency, and he was forced to flee to Peerbon. There, he was discovered by a growing empire that was unable to replace his arm due to low money. They made Aryse a soldier, and as years passed, he was named a Major General. He was one of the many people that made the Villains Act possible, but later, he decided to make his own invasion force provided that he still remained loyal to the Villains Act. He agreed, but he didn't exactly have the money to get the technology he needed to make it happen. That is until a scientist named Dr. Ogel came and offered him fusion-based technology that would help him, and he would give it to them if he helped him take care of an Oaxan Space Marine he had to give payback to. He agreed, and he planted a fusion bomb in the Marines' apartment, and he was killed, but his son, Ace, survived yet Hextrus and Ogel thought he was dead. Ogel gave him the technology he 'earned', and he named his invasion force 'The Yellow Revenant' after the yellow fusion energy Ogel's technology was noted for. After that, the Revenant declared war on Oaxa, and attempted to once again turn it into a Communist society.

The war lasted over 12 years, and as the Villains Act gained seemingly better army forces, Ogel was able to create the fusion-powered CCOs (Cybernetic-Clone Organisms) that were strong enough to allow Hextrus to conquer 7 parts of Oaxa. But on the last battle, Ace, who had shown himself still being alive, lead his first invasion force against the Yellow Revenant's prime base. Upon discovery that Ace was still alive, Doctor Ogel was angry at Hextrus for not seeing this through, and goes back on his deal with him by shutting down all CCOs and destroying their power source, leaving Ace to finally take down Hextrus, and send him to Oranos, where he still is today.

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