General Pollix

General Jackin Ormus Errien Pollix

General Jackin O.E. Pollix is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Uridia. He is a former general of the Phaseforce and a highly commended test subject and assistant for many projects for the Armatage Corporation, and worked for the force that had custody of Old Haven, leading part of it's subjugation. During his time, he became a guard for his best friend and head of the Qorthys Project, which was meant to create a superintelligent mapper robot that could unlock the many Vaults across the Uridian colonies. However, Aotho and the Vault Seekers had the project shut down and terminated to keep Awesome Jaxtom from using it, but after Pollix tried to fight them to near-death and lost right eyes, he faked his death and put himself in suspended animation with an oath of revenge. With this, Qorthys was kept in Ocsha Loadsby's hands for safe-keeping. He was later released by Queenpin Valshey and made the head of her private army with the purpose of getting Qorthys back as it has important codes for a Uridian superweapon of unfathomable proportions which can be used to unlock Vaults via planetary cataclysms which the Uridians built as a last resort should they face serious problems, yet has never succeeded in doing so under the protection of the Vault Seekers and later their friends. He despises the Vault Seekers for what they did to him and will stop at nothing to make them suffer for the death of his friend and the Project. He is the AUU version of Borderlands General Pollux, but his personality is the same as Lord Commander in Final Space.


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