General Victent T. Stagnus is an Alternate UUniversal Rankan from Planet Rankatra. He was formerly one of the finest generals of his race until committing crimes to both the United Sentient Races Alliance and the Union of Independent Systems. His race is well known for supporting both the USRA and UIS and dislike the bad reputation they have with each other and thus made it a #1 goal to mend their relationship. However, Stagnus was the most impatient with this goal as it remained unaccomplished since the beginning when it should've been solved long ago. Thus he made an unethical plan to rush the goal by making them both suffer to each other. He even killed his own brother after he discovered this, and by doing so he ushers his own defeat and imprisonment in the hands of his nephew Ranks and Team Cibarron.


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His race looks like this

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