General Tarvox

General Varxin Emroy Tarvox

General Varxin E. Tarvox is an Alternate UUniversal Roscis from Planet Osdrone. He grew up having no parents after a war killed them both 5 days after his birth. He was raised by adoptive parents ever since, and after hearing about his parents' fate, he decided to avenge them by becoming part of a Globex Augmentation Program and become a supersoldier. But while he served well, in 5 years time, he betrayed the military and became part of the Villains Act after they refused to respond to the death of his closest friends. He founded the Crimson Syndicate ever since, and lead it against the Osdronian military, and took control of over 5 areas. But he was soon defeated and killed by Vindicator, as well as the Syndicate. Though he briefly gets roped into the schemes of OUU Mothron villain Mothlock under the name Lieutenant Faithless until he was defeated and captured, and later claimed by Dr. Glowrod.


Varxin was born 10 years after the Interuniversal War ended, and in the aftermath of that war, a long minor war was formed over disputes of fascism. His parents were killed during a firefight 5 days after his birth, and he was then put into an orphanage where he was adopted by 2 other Roscises at age 1. At age 10, he discovered his true heritage, and decided he wanted to join in the Army like his parents. He grew up with enough experience, yet the only problem was that he wasn't the strongest. He had autism, sinuses, he was allergic to augmentation serums, and he had put on a few pounds which left him with little will-power. Thus, he was denied the chance to join in the Army. He was sure he would never get the chance to be a hero like his parents. But that was when he discovered that the Beta Federation had just developed a new method of creating supersoldiers out of people like Varxin. Varxin got curious to that, and when asking, they told him it wasn't an augmentation serum, but it used various other forms of augmentation. They injected substances containing a protein complex, growth hormones, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids in him, and had him exposed to some regulated gamma-rays. When he was done, he was strong, durable, smarter, his bones were stronger, he had better eyesight, and he immediately lost 25lbs. He was happy that he was no longer a weakling, and as a result, he was able to join the Army.

Varxin had begun serving his time during the Osdronian Fascism War for over 5 years. But during the fifth year, when he was attempting to protect his hometown from the Fascist enemies, he failed to rescue his closest friends and his crush. After this, he tried to reason with his commanding officers about responding to this by ordering a mass invasion on the prime base. But they refused to do so since they were not prepared, and it would be too risky to go otherwise. Outraged by this, Varxin decided to turn to more desperate measures in the form of the Villains Act, attempting to get his own army to end the war himself. He joined as an intern, and got his own personal army of Starbots to aid him in the takedown. When he was ready, he and the Starbots invaded the enemy base, and killed off the prime leader. This angered his commanding officers, accusing him of conspiracy and murder, and sentencing him to death. But his Starbot drones protected him by killing all the commanders, but they were all destroyed due to their flaws, and after Varxin killed the survivor, he took over the base, making it his new prime base, and he decided to declare war on the Osdronian military.

Varxin, then referred to as 'General Tarvox', was then made the leader of a new criminal fascism war faction called the Crimson Syndicate after people called him 'a ruler out for blood'. Because of their flaws, Tarvox refused to allow Starbots to be his army, but got temporary access to the blueprints of the Manbeetle Cyclons, allowing his high-paid scientists to redesign and improve them, allowing him to create his own much-successful android soldiers which he named 'Stingers'. But while Qui was fascinated by their complexity and success, Tarvox refused to give her access to their design since all credit goes to him. Out of respect, Qui accepted it, and the Stingers were one of the first, but sadly lesser-known, alternate armies ever known. These androids allowed Tarvox to dominate 5 parts of Osdrone, declaring the Crimson War. Already having destroyed 7 military fortresses, and he was also able to forcefully create his own supersoldier commanders from the many soldiers who stood up against him the most. They have all been given the same augmentation procedure he was given, but he also gave them illegal neurological shocks that made them evil.

While he had a formidable army that allowed him to take over most of Osdrone, he had one person who had been serving in the Osdrone military for a long time he had to take care of: Vindicator. Tarvox has been after him since the beginning, and he still couldn't capture him. Vindicator was the strongest supersoldier in the Osdronian military, and he has tried to defeat Tarvox and save Osdrone. Then, on the same month before the VA was taken down (yet before it was taken down), Vindicator was able to lead the remaining Osdronian forces to invade the prime base, and rescue his kidnapped commanding officer, but Vindicator was finally captured. Tarvox reveals that he didn't exactly want to kill him all this time, but because he was too good a foe, he decided what better way to defeat a powerful enemy than by turning him to your side? So he tried to put Vindicator in a neurological shock to corrupt him until his comrades came and saved him, leading Tarvox to fight Vindicator. The two fought for 5 minutes, but it eventually ended when Vindicator executed him by shooting him down. Since them, his army was disbanded, his supersoldier victims were de-corrupted, and the Syndicate was destroyed. Coincidentally, he was defeated on the day before the Villains Act was destroyed.

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