General Tex

General Fiyoro Kinner Tex

General Fiyoro K. Tex is an Alternate UUniversal Rood from Planet Aranigo. He once worked as a military soldier for his homeworld until he grew tired of being treated like vermin by the other soldiers for being flightless and funny-looking. He went AWOL when they went too far on him, but he was soon caught 2 weeks later, and arrested for desertion. Luckily, the Villains Act broke him out with the promise of making sure nobody would treat him like dirt again. He became a great strategist for the Villains Act, and planned strategies for invasions very well, making sure nobody was too stupid to screw it up, and the ones who did were punished, where even harsher but exsample making penalities are offered to those that there betray VA standerds by "going too far". He was soon ordered to capture the Aphronian System's elite military fliers called the Thunder Chasers and keep them from interfering in an invasion that he was to lead. Unfortunately, the incompetence of one of his own minions lead to his plan falling flat on his face. He was defeated by Hudson Turbo and his own leverage Aero Slade and sent to Oranos. He was also the one who kidnapped Clast's family, but he didn't have the intention to kill them. In fact, he never did to any of the families of leverage plots, things like that were unnecessary to him, so when Clast's mission was done and his family was freed, he would make a rule that made sure that taking families hostage was only to be used as a last resort. When Clast was captured, Tex knew it was nothing but bad luck that couldn't be helped, and he planned to have his family sent to sulfur mines. Everything was going swimmingly until his defiant right-hand man Lt. Blacker was in truth less forgiving on Clast's misfortune and killed Clast's family himself. Tex had a problem with using death as a punishment because of his own created "religion-like" beliefs that all life is precious, making him one of the rare negotiable and reasonable member of the Villains Act. When he discovered Blacker took away innocent and unarmed lives, he was justly disgusted and betrayed. Blacker justified that he did to prevent Clast to have any proof the Villains Act forced him into it, and then he framed Clast by submitting a video of Clast saying he willingly joined the Villains Act under the condition of money, so Clast will be easier to convert to permanent villainy. Tex declared Blacker a "Yarging out" traitor for unauthorized action, and demanded he be sentenced to death under full approval of Qui. After that, he passed his rule about leverage, and so, mind-control implants were put in victims, and bribing with values in life would be used only as a last resort.


Early life

Fiyoro was born on a farm on Planet Aranigo. When he was at school, he was picked on for being a flightless bird, and looking funny. Bullies all over from elementary, middle, and high have been bullying him. In elementary it started small. In middle, he was being forced to do what they said. And in high school, they started beating him up. Once he was 18, and had already graduated, he tried searching for a job, but he still was picked on by his neighbors and classmates from his school. But when one of them threatens murder if he tells anyone about assault, he immediately took drastic measures. His parents had closed down their farm, and became attorneys at law. They allowed Fiyoro to get a lawsuit, and in no time at all, the bullies who threatened him were arrested for it, and all other bullies who picked on him were given restraining orders. In fact, Fiyoro had over 56 restraining orders, and since his childhood, he became sensitive about his size, his flightless nature, and his looks.

Once he became 24, he had joined the Aphronion System Military Command, and had hoped that nobody from his class would be able to qualify for the job. But sadly, some other people from his class who weren't given restraining orders were in the same force before he joined. He could no longer ask for restraining orders since he's had enough as it is. Thus, the bullies were free to do what they wanted with him. His commanding officer told him to suck it up each time it happened, and the bullies that picked on him, in Fiyoro's point-of-view, weren't punished enough. For 2 years, they would never learn their lesson no matter what punishment they were given, and Fiyoro was forced to take drastic measures. He attempted to get them taken out of the force by tricking them into assaulting a fellow soldier that they thought was him. However, his commanding officer caught him in the act, and sent him to janitor duty for the rest of the week, leaving the bullies gloating and happy that he paid for it.

Fed up at his problem possibly never going to be solved, he abandoned the military, but was arrested 2 weeks later for desertion and resisting the arrest. But surprisingly, he won the trial after he explained that his oppression had continued during his time, and while the bullies in the force were fired, they still had him jailed for going AWOL. This hadn't made Fiyoro that happy, and had been furious. But 3 days later, he was broken out by the Villains Act, who made him an anti-harassment order which automatically sentenced anyone who picked on him in any way to imprisonment. He was never picked on again as a result, but with all that has happened throughout his life, he decided that it was pointless to go back to his old home and start a new life over. A life with the Villains Act. Since then, he was a Major General of the anti-rebellion invasion forces.

The Clast Incident

Qui was able to discover a gecko-like businessman named Issac Carlyle, who has made the best military technology for the Heroes Act. She couldn't allow more to come, and hired Tex to bribe him into manufacturing illegal explosives for them while keeping his wife and kids fitted with exploding collars. But Tex convinced her to not actually kill them even if it was "within her idea of" necessary thanks to his childhood oppression giving him a 'life is valuable' motto, that instead to simply turn them into slaves, and use the threat of death as scare tactics, and Qui accepted. They even had Issac's assistant, Bobby, and his workers brainwashed with illegal neurological shock machines into serving the Villains Act so they wouldn't interfere. Having no choice, Issac did as he was told. However, The AUU Grand Council discovered his operation, shut down his company, and arrested him. Tex knew that it wasn't his fault, and convinced Qui to make Issac's family into slaves in sulfur mines and have them released after Issac served his time. However, Tex's disobedient second-hand man, Lieutenant Blacker, a former member of a Nimboo Rebellion faction, was less-forgiving on something that happened out of bad luck. As punishment, and as part of a plot to turn Issac into a permanent member, Blacker tricked the Starbots into thinking that Tex ordered Issac's family executed with a forgery of a written order, and they had them killed by detonating their collars, and had prior ensured that Issac had no evidence of their involvement by tricking the Grand Council into punishing Issac by making a fake hologram message stating that he did it for profit. Finding out too late that Issac's life was ruined and that innocent, and most importantly unarmed lives were lost, Tex was furious at Blacker for betraying him and acting against his command, and reported it to Qui. Blacker was put on trial for 'Yarging' out on the Villains Act just to ensure a permanent membership to them, and Blacker was sentenced to death. While he begged for his life like a child, he was still executed. Issac was so angry that he blamed the AUU Grand Council for the loss of his wife and children. He secretly stole one of the Villains Act's neuro-shock machines, and snapped Bobby out of his corruption and help him escape from prison to exact his revenge, naming themselves Clast and Bomb-Sard. Because of this, Tex implemented a rule called the Carlyle Rule, which would make sure strict implications were made and that mind-control implants must be used first before bribing unless implants have been deemed unnecessary by a high-ranker's order.

The Thunder Chaser Plan

Even before the Clast incident, Tex was charged with helping the Villains Act destroy a military taskforce called the Thunder Chasers to ensure that they successfully take over the Aphronion System. But after the Clast incident, he was starting to run low on options since his new rule stated he couldn't kidnap someone's loved ones and use them as leverage. But then Qui finds him someone who might help. A gvanditor eagle named Aero Slade, who was a recruit for the Thunder Chasers, and was a high-grade student. She thought that since he would do anything for his family, then a mind-control implant wasn't necessary, and it was okay to do a bribe as long as it was just a scare tactic. So they lured Slade to a warehouse on his home planet where he found his parents were held hostage. He was captured, and Tex said that he will do as they say, or his parents die, all while being watched by a stealthy yet idiotic spy. Thus, he was forced into being an undercover Villains Act agent attempting to retrieve the classified location of the Thunder Chasers' HQ so the Villains Act could invade and destroy it, allowing them to take over the system. Hudson Turbo, another student, feels concern for this, but the Thunder Chasers do not believe him due to the fact that Slade wasn't acting like a threat when they interviewed him. So, Hudson decided to prove it. But he never realized that Slade was aware of his intentions to stop him, and managed to trick the Thunder Chasers into expelling him by exposing him to them during a fight for the secret files, causing them to think Hudson was stealing them. But thanks to the idiot spy cheering Slade on and blowing his own and Slade's cover, Slade and the idiot spy were both arrested, and Hudson was declaired a hero. While the idiot spy was suspended for 4 weeks for his incompetence (Even though Qui wanted him to be executed and that would've been the case if it wasn't for Tex), Slade was sent to juvenile hall for months. Tex knew they couldn't kill Slade's parents since it wasn't his fault, but Qui told him that Slade couldn't be allowed to go out and leak info, so they needed to give him a mind-control implant. But once Tex went to his hideout in the Aphronion System, it was too late. Aero had went to Hudson's initiation ceremony to apologize, and he had already told him and the Thunder Chasers about his bribe and the location of Tex's hideout. The Thunder Chasers, Hudson, and Slade went there, and after fighting off his bodyguards, they arrested Tex for conspiracy, kidnapping, and being part of the Villains Act. Instead of the usual death sentence for those guilty of such extremes, they locked him up on Oranos due to him being an honorable villain after hearing his involvement in making the Carlyle Rule, and he was given the promise of parole only if he's proven capable to refit himself into society. However, Tex was also concerned. He was worried that, without Tex's presence in the Villains Act, uncontrollable fanatics like Xerxes XX and The Yellow Revenant, will be left unchecked and uncontrolled, meaning that their untamed extremism will end up motivating heroes into wanting to one day destroy the Villains Act, and Qui will find herself eventually losing sight of being reasonable and having moral limits without Tex around thanks to extremism getting things done quickly and effectively at the price of common decency. And in an unexpected way, those fears were confirmed. Tex hoped his day of parole would come soon enough so he can make amends for society for lashing out over bully problems, but most of all, to find Clast and tell him the truth about the loss of his family due to Blacker.


  • "Just because we're villianious, doesn't mean we should also be savages. If the VA tries the patience of the heroes too much with out of control villainy, it will be the death of us, AND the VA."
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