General Bartin S. Tisserand is an Alternate UUniversal Macorlean from Planet Peerbon. He was known to be a commander for the planet's military for 19 years until he ended up not being appreciated for his job. He was always never taken seriously by his superiors, never being thanked for his achievements, never receiving any credit, and was always outshined by higher-ups. After years of this, he ended up helping the Villains Act take over the planet, having them kill his old superiors, and he was awarded with being one of the finest generals in the Villains Act. He lead several invasions for the Villains Act, and slaughtered hundreds of people. People have started to fear his name, and never wanted to meet him in person because of his skill and accuracy with weaponry. He wears a powerful suit of armor, and has a cybernetic arm and eye after losing them in different invasions.


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