General Trague Kahsavich

General Trague Zorque Kahsavich

General Trague Z. Kahsavich is an Alternate UUniversal Kraetan from Planet Kraeth. He is known to be the general of the Kraetan Cybertary, and is known to be very aggressive and warmongering. He has been a very powerful fighter for years, and because of being considered the strongest in a planet of a stratocratic society where the strong ruled and the weak were only serving citizens, he was chosen to be the next Master of the Kraetans, regardless that his personality would cause a conflict involving the races' oath of staying away from the Ohrugans and their allies in the Legion. Someday, Lord Sanger Azakith will have to find a way to prevent this from happening. Trague commonly carries a detachable right atomic arm cannon with rapid-firing and charging settings that can be operated by his only organic hand, and a left power arm that allows for increased strength and striking power.


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