General Warley H. 'Warhead' Hog is a fictional Superior warthog published in Kratos' XD Comix. In it, he was depicted as the son of a Kratosian Police officer who loved him very much. But when he is forced to arrest his own son for refusing to find the owner of a clip of money and keep it for himself, which was against the law, Warley was angry that 'his own father' would do that to him, and became increasingly distant from him ever since. After escaping, getting plastic surgery, and gaining a job in the Kratosian FBI, he realized that law enforcement was what he was best at this whole time, and after discovering that his father was doing a crime similar to his, he was forced to arrest him. Knowing what the law stood for from that day on after knowing how it felt, he dedicated his life to making sure people respect the law by joining the Kratosian military. When the Victorians came in, he had been investigating their arrival to Kratos, and knew that there was something off from them. He hated them for their minor oversights and mishaps, and he knew that they were hiding something since they came. Once he found out their origins as regular animals, he was angered that they had broke the law, and ordered them to be arrested. He placed a warrant to punish anyone who tried to help them. He was sure that he would make the Victorians pay for their 'crime'. When the court surprisingly declared them not guilty, he was angered and after resisting the verdict, he was fired. After Incursion fell, he was sent to jail for insulting the Senate. Eventually, he escaped and formed The Hand of Horror, meant to take over Prometheon, and make sure the justice system would punish criminals 'the right way'. He injected himself with smuggled quantonium from the Quantum Smugglers that made him much more powerful than ever, and he put up a great fight, but inevitably was defeated when his power-boost was very short-lived by literally five minutes and 10 seconds. Luckily, he only uses this power-boost injection when he's confronted with danger, making the effects last longer the more he researched it. Unfortunately, he would also face a feud with The Five Masters of Doom. It isn't long until the FMOD injects him with 'negatonium', an illegal poison that weakens Superpowers, muscles, and causes death. The Victorians save him, He was sent back to jail. His powers include super-flight, super-endurance, super-strength, titanium tusks, and earth manipulation.

  • MCode: AhEmSeSfSs


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