General Wushu Chop is an Equestrian kirin from the land of Xiaomia, and the leader of Emperor Long's royal army. He is a martial arts master and mastered his race's magical martial art of Mofa Fu, in which a kirin's emotion is perfectly balanced and controlled at will, and thus so is there magic and their ability to breath magic fire. Wushu has become the land's greatest royal fighter and defender since the founding of the land itself with the kirins' extensive longevity. He also possesses the ability to teach mental cures into others including those with friendship problems, helping people with the most friendship-destroying insecurities and helping them become better. He also fosters his nephew Youyi Chop, who eventually moves on from being his unwilling successor to a teacher of inner peace for the School of Friendship.


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Wushu is a Kirin with a cinnabar coat, grayish green hair, a mahogany back, a Phthalo green horn, and a nirik-themed karate master outfit.

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