Geneva Uri Shiner

Geneva U. Shiner, AKA Lucky, is an Alternate UUniversal Luckiry from Planet Solomorn. Being the half-sister of Saetha, she is a very talented student for the Magelio Elder Council. Her ability of fortune was magically enhanced to allow her to manifest luck with help from Elder Lucklire, and has since used her power to fulfill others like her half-sister. With this ability, she decided to be a dimension jumper like Saetha with her own custom-made Mewnian dimensional scissors, visiting magical dimensions and even helping heal them after The Magic Realms' contemporary destruction apawn request by the Council apawn sensing it, earning her high degrees and many new friends, and attending schools in them as a foreign exchange student, and with her luck abilities, she hardly ever fails except when dealing with foes who specialize in strong enough magic. But her favorite world so far is the world of The Owl House, where she obtains a magic broom that she gives her own magical upgrades which also acts like a magic staff. She's basicly like a more toned down verson of Saetha, though still adventurious and free spirit, she takes Magilo very seriously and has a more balenced viewpoint about good and evil then Saetha's more optimistic viewpoint, but doesn't entirely object to Saetha's methods of bringing out people's good nature, provided if they have one and aren't long gone for whatever means.


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