Gengshi is an Alternate UUniversal Beangutan from Planet Zo. He is a large gorilla-like orangutan primate and is an infamous intercity bandit leader who used to be a noble and very brawny Qong Fu student for Master Uugwuey. However, he turned to a life of crime because of being manipulated by Master Crobra by being told that being the second strongest to Ka Blang meant that he was not going to earn him a title that earns him a chance to be a protector of his hometown, and when this was too clear when Ka Blang proved he could never be beaten by him, he was utterly shamed for his jealousy and attempts of gaining power, and exiled. Angered, Gengshi became a travelling bandit leader who stole an ability called the Fiery Fists of Pyi Wei, which allows him to emit red flames on his fists and deliver powerful augmentable blows, coming into forming his own bandit guild called the Guild of Zo's Worst, terrorizing many countries in Zo, and sharing a bitter relationship with Ka Blang since Crobra convinced him into a criminal life as well. Gengshi is essentially the AUU version of Meng Hong Kong.


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