Geoatoa is a giant Equestrian Goldster, or basicly, a giant gold lobster monster that is rarely seen even in it's underwater habitat, preferring to be in subterranean sea caves, and even though predators are found, their gold armor, despite making it heavyweight, provides protection. They were rendered a rare species because of being hunted by ancient merponies for it's gold armor to where they hid in isolated areas like underwater volcanoes and subterranean sea caves. This Goldster in particular is the result of the gold fever of the greedy griffin king named Lord Geo G. Raphic, who died due to his greed getting to him upon discovering cursed gold tainted by The Stone of Geo, a magical stone capable of stealing the wealth from any land in the world of Equestria, even of other worlds if enhanced, that was once owned by a thieving griffin king of an ancient past of the same name that taints any wealth in it's reach, and does so to it's users, turning them into mindless personifications of greed. This happened to Geo, turning him into a Goldster dubbed Geoatoa, who is all that's left of Geo as he hogs the Stone to feed his greed. He is boastful, greedy, cruel, and somewhat loopy.


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