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Geogra the Sea Witch

Geogra Razortooth is a tiger shark sorceror who was created by Dead Sea from an unsentient tiger shark to be Equantica's replacement defense against evil pirates or hunters until she became corrupt and plotted to rule the seas of Destiny Islands, make the merponies her slaves, and seek the Trident of Benevolence by corrupting humans and allies to the merponies, making their mistrust against humans grow stronger. She is a twisted version of Ursula. She even has mutant Mako sharks with weird eye conditions based on Ursula's eels, Snap-Jaw and Bear-Trap. Some would argue that Geogra is tecnecly Equestian, though not borned directly in Equestia, she was created by Dead Sea, who IS an Equestian. She was killed in the end.


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