Gershom M.G. Qooler was an Alternate UUniversal Tirasun from Planet Atlor. He is a human-like red-skinned being well-renowned as the founder of Wayward Qooler Munitions, a long-defunct manufacturer of long-outlawed firearms. Living during the days of the Great Stagnation, he wished to contribute in his own way, and despite starting out in community service by having an illegally unlicensed business of manufacturing weapons, he was amazed when the weapons proved to be effective on his home planet. Thus, they licensed his business, and that's what started Wayword Qooler, manufacturing mainly plasma cannons, percussive cannons, transfusion cannons, detonator cannons, melter cannons, nuclear pistols and cannons, explosive cannons, and combat drones. He made his own customary weapons through many forms, though they often had problems including recoil damage, excess power, among a few other problems, the Qooler line ran fast. However, what got the line illegalized was when it was revealed that the guns themselves use a very specific long-prohibited fuel source native to his home planet: the highly-radioactive azotelloum, which had the efficiency of laserum, the power of cryptovite, and the energy of a nuclear bomb. And not just that, but several illegal weapons have been made with illegal substances, including a modifived verson of the devastating nitrolysigen that was capable of destroying entire systems, nuclear-based technology, highly-prohibited quantum and temporal energy, prohibited infectious weapons, highly-prohibited molecular transformation weaponry, excess power models, and even planned to upgrade the long-banned ΘMEN (Overly Maxed Eradicator of Nincompoops) line (Basically the AUU RYNO line). When this was reported and his company was investigated, and even if he tried to justify that he did it because of desperate times and desperate measures in a world where law was almost non-existent, they said that breaking laws is never a choice against unlawful society itself, and that two wrongs didn't make a right, lead to them shuting his company down, outlawed Qooler weaponry for good, and arresting him for trying to interfere. He was so distraught that he was bailed out by a family that were fans of his work called the Rellex Family, which would help him turn his claimed business into a terrorist organization using his weaponry, believing if his weaponry couldn't be used for good, it might as well be used for bad. Thus the Rellex family would aid him in making this organization come true, but it only lasted for 19 years until it eventually shut down due to exhausting far too many resources, but while the Rellex Family would come to be known as the Olloyan Death Gang in later years under the leadership of Boss Rellex using his technology the most, and while his weapons begun spreading thanks to Old and New CrimeTech takin the technology before it could be destroyed (before each of their disbanding), Qooler himself would fall flat as he had a fatal heart attack in the final days of his terrorist organization.


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