Another conflict has risen from the AUU as two races have gone to war and it's related to typical UIS/USRA shenanigans: the robo-organic UIS-protected Blups, who are similar to the BLAA aliens, and the eyeless Cesects. The war was sparked because the Blups, after their original home planet of Bluppus Prime has been dying, causing them to take over the Cesects' home system and kick them out, and due to UIS decree, reclaiming their home planet was impossible under penalty of UIS law in due to the severeity of the planet the Blups were from. This came to be because when the Blups first took over Isiis Prime, some USRA representives threaten Exile Sheild, and word of mouth reached UIS, which prompted them to protect the Blups independence and from the stagnationing effects being taken to a planet already imperioled, thus UIS placed the Blups under their protection and declaired that any violation on the Blups right to surviveal is a declaration of war, which scared the USRA off from taking action against the Blups, thus leading to the entire Isiis system from becoming Blup property when the Blups effectively booted the Cesects out in wanting to take as much reshorces as possable to stablise their dying planet. This left the Cesects to become space-fairing vagabonds, and were left without a planet. Originally, the Cesects were actselly chill about the situation and even had made the best of an unfortunate situation, but something sparked the race to take a complete 180 on that stance and lead them into a needless and potaintionally dangerious war that could risk UIS irrie and make the USRA races suffer for their actions. With the Lodgers and Heroes Act dragged in, they find out that a Cesect named General Glaucoma has unified the race into not taking anymore of the UIS' rules and not let the Blups get away with their theft, even capturing and P.O.W.'ed UIS agents who intervene. The heroes are sent to stop this war before it begins or worsens. They try to get the two races see that they can share the Isiis System, but General Glaucoma refuses to accept such a deal as he believes the Blups were too manipulative to live, aiming to use stolen Astro Lasers on every planet in the Isiis System, saying if they couldn't have it, nobody would. Thus Glaucoma has to be stopped, before this asshole of a bad exsample taints the image of Cesents to not just the USRA and UIS, but the entire universes as a whole, and risk the Cesents to suffer the same hardships as Phends once suffered.

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