The Gex Oppressor Core is an Alternate UUniversal invasion force founded and lead by Galaxun warlord Overlord Ae Poex, which oppresses the Xirya System and battles against the forces of the Gex Warrior Core. Being headquartered on the former penal colony of Strolig, this world evolved into the headquarters of the GOC when Poex, after being provoked by the intolerably-stubborn behavior of GWC leader Stellar General Rhaedock after he exiled him for using banned Gex techniques to cure his deathly-ill wife, he rounded up all the other exiles of Strolig and made them join forces to form a 'criminal syndicate' which started to evolve into the GOC, and it began to wreak havoc on the Xirya System, taking control of many planets while the GWC would fight and defend against them. Both Poex and Rhaedock have battled twice, and Rhaedock lost every time, yet Poex didn't kill him because he wanted to see Rhaedock get punished the right way. Though nobody believed him when he said that Rhaedock provoked him, and it's why this war continues to fight to this very day. Like the GWC, this force consists of people, Galaxun or otherwise, who can use the same Gex inner energy, though instead of using it for justice like the GWC, they use it for revenge in the form of tyranny and destruction, which is just meant solely for punishment purposes and not for self-pleasure.


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  • Overlord Ae Poex

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