The Gex Warrior Core is an Alternate UUniversal interuniversal police force founded by a race of warrior beings called the Galaxuns, and currently lead by Galaxun warrior Stellar General Rhaedock, which had the potent ability to weaponize their own inner energy and use it as a powerful energy called Gex, which were used in a variety of ways. The GWC was composed of not just Galaxuns, but also several other races that could easily manipulate this inner energy. This energy easily replaced firearms for the Galaxuns, and they went on to teach this to others. Though this police force was primarily limited to the Galaxuns' adopted planetary home system, the Xirya System, because of a 30-year war against a corrupt overlord named Overlord Themsus, which forced the Galaxuns to stop their warlike ways across the AUU and limit themselves to the Xirya System since the war cost them their home planet of Galaxor. Though they soon faced another problem years later. A former high-ranking member, Ren Ae Poex, who was a descendant of Themsus, quickly fell into villainy as the result of being exiled to the penal planet of Strolig for using forbidden Gex techniques to cure his terminally-ill wife. Rhaedock had his wife frozen and hoped to fix her, but when he ended up being a jerk about it to Poex, it provoked him to start an invasion force which, while starting out as a 'criminal syndicate', evolved into the Gex Oppressor Core, which declared war on the GWC, and the two cores have started to battle each other for control over the many planets in the Xirya System. While Rhaedock would hide his provoking stunt from the GWC to avoid undue attention, the GWC would do whatever it could to protect their people from the GOC, and still does to this very day.


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