Gia the Jaguar

Gia is a circus jaguar from Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. She's a little more thoughtful than the other circus performers, and she's beautiful. Alex can’t help but be swayed by her. She acts as a moral compass for the circus and protects her friends but also opens them up to new experiences. In Madagascar 3, the beautiful jaguar is always on the lookout to discover something new, and she gets her chance when she convinces a reluctant Alex to teach her the trapeze "Circus Americano" style. She is Alex's love interest in the film.

Role in the film

Gia is first seen with Vitaly the tiger and Stefano the sea lion, all heading to the circus. Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman were trying to escape animal control. Gia lets the Four on the circus train after Alex convinces her that they are circus animals.

She is fooled into believing that Alex is a master circus performer and is falsely following the ways of "Trapeze Americano." When the circus falls into a rut, she doesn't show too much desperation, much like her father figure Vitaly. But when she hears Alex's improvised speech, she is spurred into the "Fur Power" works. Her act with Alex and the trapeze plants herself even closer to the lion. But their cover is blown by DuBois's arrival, although the penguins manage to get rid of her. When Alex and the gang finally admit their true intentions after their London performance, Gia and the rest of the performers are devastated.

When the gang and the circus animals split up in New York, the circus soon falls into disaster. They had no one to work with in their acts. Vitaly tries to convince his comrades to work on a solo act, but nobody would. Then all of a sudden, a sedated King Julien pops into the scene and pleads to his bear girlfriend Sonya to take him back. While he was begging, the penguins pull the sleeping dart out of the lemur's tail. It's revealed that DuBois had captured and caged the zoo animals.

Gia was the first to realize the Four's danger and explain to the rest of the circus animals to help save their friends. In the end, after bringing the blimp to the zoo, she swings her way to Alex "Trapeze Americano" style and rescues him. DuBois pursues Stefano to avenge Alex. Yet before she could kill the sea lion, Mort sedated her and left her in Alex's old cage. She is taken by Alex when releases the ballons to the children up in the air and they share a loving look.

Gia is last seen dancing to Marty's own "Afro-Circus" music video with everyone, including Vitaly, wearing rainbow-striped afros and the circus horses painted with colorful polka dots going across America.

Role in the series

Gia is said to appear again in the series as an ally to the Louge along with Stefano, Vitaly and the other Circus Animals in the Louge's battles against the Villain Leage, Master Xehanort and his newly formed Organization XIII. Gia will make her debute in Spongebob and Friends Meet Little Nemo in Slumberland, and she and Alex saved Kairi's life from the Jabberwocky with their circus act, Trapeze Americano in Spyro/Spongebob and Friends Get Spirited Away. In Fluttershy's Circus Stage Fright. Gia and Alex let Spyro and Kairi to perform in their trapeze circus act for the circus' big preformance in Canterlot with Spyro and Kairi inventing their act: Trapeze Morado Dragón & Princesa of Corazón. However, they have to deal with The Villain Leage's Organization led by Teen Mang who is causing Fluttershy's stage fright problem.

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