Gibson Goodhands

Gibson Goodhands is an Equestrian anthropomorphic monkey in a similar style to Capper and Captain Celaeno who was raised in the Eastern Lands of Equestria among the Qilin legend Jiao Sage and the lovable nature of Equestrian ponies. He was as alien to them as Son Goku in his younger days as he originally hailed from Tochia, a Japanese land far away from Equestria after it was terrorized by The Storm King. He has since been aiming to be a great defender of his forest home, as he looked up to Jiao as a father figure, as his tenacity, never-give-up attitude, and Goku-style personality make him quite interesting. He can be naïve to many of his pony comrades, and had a pony magic genius friend named Wild Style, who is essentially Equestria Bulma, to serve as his knowledge of pony society, even though he has a faulty intelligence, and can be utterly ridiculous at times. He has magic on his side to fight for his kind, and he still acts alien to ponies who wander into his home, but learns to understand them. He eventually meets not just Mistmane, a legend to Equestrians who was believed to have died until being discovered to have been halted of age by being stuck in limbo thanks to the Pony of Shadows, leaving her to make a name for herself in the modern world, as well as her newfound friends, The Mane Six, and eventually helps stop the thieving pony who stole the Fountain of Youth itself, Seraphim Spirit.


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