Giga Cobra

Fan-made picture by MSM.

Giga-Cobra is the newest form for Lord Cobra who will first appear in Spyro/SpongeBob and Friends get Spirited Away. He will appear when Lord Cobra trabsforms himself to battle Shifu after he orders Ratigan to call in the Jabberwocky when the arrival of The Mane 5, The High Council, Alex, Marty, The Penguins, Donkey, Puss and the Shell Louge Afro Circus turned the tide after Lea and Dragon Haku saved Spongebob and Spyro. Cobra commands the Jabberwocky to attack Kairi while he changes into this darkspawn form to fight Shifu.

This form of Lord Cobra is way more advanced than he was in Madagascar, Camelot, or even what he would've looked like if the Villain League successfully obtained Kairi's Blood. He stands on 2 of his freaky heads like actual legs while the other two stick up in the air. this result with him looking almost raptor and/or dinosaur-like. this was actselly all part of both Malefor and Master Xehanort's plan, to better Lord Cobra even more then he already was, and Mirage (and maybe Fagin before No-Face got a hold of him) were part of it. However, after the big battle, Giga Cobra was short-lived and he turns back into normal Cobra after a huge and massive defeat, ending with the usual angry rant of venegence from Mang.

MSM didn't use Spore to make this Lord Cobra form because he was afraid Scroopfan would be PO'ed like last time when MSM tried to use his own Spore to build a duplicate Lord Cobra, nearly causing him to be kicked off of the series.

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