Gimmy Armatage

Gimmy Alvey Armatage

Gimmy A. Armatage, AKA Berserker Beast and the Berzerkase, is an Alternate UUniversal Acrillisape from Planet Uridia. He is an adopted brother to Awesome Jaxtom, yet he has proven to be far more successful and responsible than him. When Jaxtom lost his chance as heir to the Armatage Corporation branch in the Beofynzeny System, the position was passed down to Gimmy, utterly embittering Jaxtom. Thus, when Gimmy was close to being the new CEO, Jaxtom had already betrayed his family, and when he showed his true colors to the rest of the system, he had Gimmy killed, and his father crippled and handicapped. But Gimmy was not dead forever, as Jaxtom wished to use him for a greater role since simply killing him 'wasn't enough to show his burning hatred for him'. Thus, he pumped him with DNA from the Phalanxase he and his team fought when they uncovered their Uridian Vault. The result, turned him into a raging beast that when exposed to pain or fear as an individual and plastic-surgery-exposed, brainwashed, and muted Gimmy goes into battle, as the dormant DNA serum waits for adrenaline to fuel it and becomes strong and nearly impervious to pain. He found it ingenious to use in the future as it can serve as a handy asset in battle, but all of the formula was simply destroyed by the Vault Seekers for reward money, leaving Gimmy the only one with this ailment. Soon enough, Jaxtom uses him as a way to get to his next Vault without it's guardian Phalanxase, and one of the last of the strongest breeds, to hold off his enemies. However, it is still possible for Gimmy to be resurrected digitally as his DNA catalog is still within the Digisurrection network, and is only held off by Jaxtom's hacks.


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Gimmy Armatage (Berserker Beast)

Gimmy as the Berserker Beast

Berserker Beast

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