"What're YOU looking at?"

Ginger is a female Raindeer, the daughter of Dragon Realms Cupid and Blitson. She has the personally and the combined eagerness of Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust, but the calulated learning ability of Twilight Sparkle, with the martial art prowless of Tigress thanks to "Chrismas Fu", a more chrismas themed kung-fu. Ginger has strongly adopted the way of chrismas as with many who worked for any variation of Santa. However, she didn't think just giving naughty kids black rocks or just ignoring them is gonna make the Naughty list any shorter, and wants to offer more "periment" solutions by dealing with it personally. Her parents however, consider her ideals not very "Chrismasy" and she best better forget it. But she didn't. When going onto a house that housed twins, she heard one of them was a rotten brat and a bully, who even almost got a teacher sick for 10 weeks! Ginger knew this was her chance to prove she can change chrismas! However, as you expected from twins, she ended up beating the snot out of the nice one, which shocked and trumatised the real one and had the horrafived parents call animal control! Ginger was able to escape, but she was too ashamed of herself for screwing up horrorably. She didn't even return to Santa's workshop in fear of being scolded, when that wasn't truely that much of a case, and stayed away from it forever, breaking her parents' hearts. Ginger became a wonderor. Ginger wanted to stay away from everything, until she saw that a monsterious ice serpent named Freezar was attacking a village of snow bunnies, and stopped and defeated the monster, with it sworing vengence on her! Ginger became a wondering hero, and a local resident for the snow bunnies, and helps any in need, espeically if it's against the trouble making Miser Bros. when both of their forces inadvertingly, unintentionally or intentionally caused serious trouble. This path would eventally bring her to save the very holiday she thought would reject her when the biggest challnage of her life threatens chrismas itself, along with the universe.
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