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Susan Murphy
, also known as Ginormica, is the main protagonist of Monsters vs Aliens. She is a young woman from Modesto, California. She was hit by a meteor filled with "quantonium", which caused her to grow to 49 feet 11 inches tall on her wedding day, and was captured in 2008. The exact feats of how much she can lift is unknown, but is seen in the movie lifting up the top half of the hand of the massive alien robot for a long period of time also whilst placing her foot infront of a sliding car at the edge of the broken bridge to stop it from falling in the river. She is also seen breaking the impenetrable force field that was holding her captive in the Gallaxhar's Spaceship and also breaking many walls in a charging force. You could think of her as invincible because of being almost resistant to any physical or energy attack, but that is not approved in the movie except from being hit by the massive meteorite and the ball of quantonium, making her still fit to stand up!


At first, Susan is reluctant to accept her status as a monster and desperately wishes to return to her old life, thus spending much of her first three weeks in captivity attempting to reverse the mutation caused by the quantonium and become normal again (through several experiments conducted by Dr. Cockroach). However, after she and the other monsters defeat Gallaxhar's robot probe and Derek breaks up with her shortly afterwards, she realizes that her life has been greatly improved by becoming a monster and fully embraces her new lifestyle. Due to her exposure to the meteor's radiation, in addition to her height, she also possesses incredible strength and a high resistance to atomic and nuclear forces which helps her destroy Gallaxhar 's weapons.

She was in love with a weatherman named Derek Dietl, but when she grew tall he said it was over, saying that he could not be married to somebody who could overshadow his career. After seeing him as the narcissist he is, she humiliates him during his interview with her.[2]

she got even with Galaxhar with help from her new monster friends.

instead of meeting spongebob in the canceled project, Spongebob and monsters vs. aliens, she instead meet him in Spongebob and friends on home on the range, in time to tango with Galaxhar again. she joins in Spongebob and friends meet dinosaur.

One of two of the strongest allies of SpongeBob due to the effects of the alien energy, alongside Thundra, due to her size and strength. he's like the always looking for her friends aunt to the louge.

Ginormica is a parody of the protagonist in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (Ginormica is 49-feet-11-inches tall). She was inspired by Nancy Archer. After an alien encounter, a wealthy heiress grew to be 50 feet tall and sought revenge on her cheating husband. References to the Amazing Colossal Man Regards her character.

Role outside the Series

In Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Monsters vs. Aliens, Susan is revealed to be Jeffrey's cousin.

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