Goatso Fartos

Goatso Fartso

Kapili Kekaowāwae, AKA Goatso Fartos, is a Goldsaddle goatfish from the Hawaiian seas of SpongeBob's world. He flourished in Haunama Bay in it's former flourishing community of Haunama Bottom until his home sector was destroyed and devastated by a jellyfish bloom, which resulted in a mass evacuation and, even though he once gave them a chance and they ended up costing him his previous heart and nearly killed him. Since then, he has hated jellyfish for destroying his home, and swore to destroy them.  He began to destroy jellyfish ecosystems all around the Pacific Ocean, whether through introducing their predators, bringing poisons, and doing life-threatening damage, and thus has become a master jellyfish exterminator, even though his damage is quickly reversed by VERY good conservation laws. Thing is, jellyfish extermination is illegal in many sectors of the Pacific, but highly supported and given a campaign to make it legal, making Kapili, or Goatso as he utterly hates to be called because of his last name meaning 'goat-fart' as it was leaked in school and haunted him from then on to where it stuck, happy that everyone can agree with him. However, he is not without ethicists like SpongeBob and Patrick, who do all but fail to convince him that jellyfish are wonderful creatures when he locates his next target: Jellyfish Fields. However, in trying to do so, he would end up invoking the wrath of a powerful breed of jellyfish nicknamed as The Holy Jellyfish, or basicly a Godmother to all Jellyfish, into going into a great rage to destroy the lands for it's utter disreguard for all Jellyfish kind. He has a squirrelfish wormy assistant named Quiv who, though initially hateful of jellyfish, starts to slowly open up to the poor creatures, and has a change of heart by saving SpongeBob after he is poisoned by Goatso with the same venom from the jellyfish that nearly killed him, which he was saving for the biggest opportunity.


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"Jellyfish are a curse, I tells ya!"

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