Gob Linston

Prime Minister Gob Linston is the representitive of a tribe of Goblins that, thanks to another midguided unintented malvolent move in making Manehatten a reality to many new ponies moving in, live in a swamp when their old ancestial home was taken and constructed on. the issue is, Gob and his tribe are forest goblins, not swamp goblins, so they easily got sick and have little knowledge of the local predatory animals. This is most desistating to the younger goblins, being the quicker ones to die. Though the adults mutanted and gain ammunity at the price of becoming taller, and in some cases, malformed and deformed, like how Gob has a small but painfully noticeable hunchback, their children aren't so quick, and often either died or enter a coma state. what broke the camel's back was when his own daughter died. It drove poor Gob to near madness and vengeful fatherly determination to correct this ignorentful choice of Celestia's, even at the price of having his morally in question, esspiecally when he joins with Prince Blueblood who has a secret allience/agreement with Team Nefarious to make this happen.
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