Gobstopper Landscape

Gobstopper is a world which is known to have a landscape of desserts. It is often nicknamed Willy Wonka World because the landscape looks just like his candy paradise if it was an entire planet, with a blend of Candy Land. This world has been a favorite to many, including children. However, despite it's candy-coated appearance, it does have more of a modern-day society and less like that of a child's fantasy. Turns out, when this world was first colonized by UUniversal pioneers, the constant sugars they had caused their blood sugar and testosterone to rise so much, it made their descendants a bit insane and having an addiction to sugar, much like that of a drug. Though the government, ruled by it's candy-themed inhabitants, keeps this insanity to a minimum, and makes sure that their world is as friendly to child visitors as possible.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be renamed Chocolova-9.


Gobstopper World Map

Gobstopper was once a normal world, yet it was turned into a world made of desserts during the First Cartoonian War. A vicious child-eating Darkspawn lord of gluttony named Whoppus turned the world into candy to lure children there, fatten them up, and then eat them Hansel & Gretel style. And once the Darkspawn began getting banished, Whoppus was banished to the planet's chocolate core, and this world was made a restricted place for over a millennia.

Though banishing Whoppus into the core allowed him to channel his powers onto the surface above. In a few centuries, sentient candy-themed beings evolved and became the world's guardians of the candy. The children that visited needed to be protected from the consequences of eating too much of the scenery, so rules were passed to limit the gluttony. However, in a few hundred years, UUniversal pioneers discovered this world. They too began suffering the gluttony addiction. And because they couldn't adhere to the rules, they ended up stuffing themselves so much, their offspring began to grow insane and addictive to sugar like drugs.

This event, called the Great Addiction, lasted for over 20 years as the settlers started growing overweight. It wasn't until the residents decided to do something about it. They started exporting several normal plants and allowing them to gain enough vegetables to reduce the obesity. Ever since, health venders were established across the planet to make sure this crisis never occurs again, and make sure the people here are healthy and keep the children loving this world. However, there are still a fair amount of people out there who crave the sugar to addict levels.

Government and Society

The planet is known to attract children for it's sweets-themed environment. The food in the environment consists of chocolate, gingerbread, ice cream, lollipops, peppermint, jawbreakers, gumdrops, wafers, gum, caramel, cookies, cakes, custard, pudding, yogurt, donuts, jelly, cinnamon, candy apples, candied fruits, sodas, brownies, cotton candy, marshmallows, rock candy, and many other sweets, forming mainly candy environments, some being similar to the world of Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph, Candy Land, or Willy Wonka's Candy Paradise. All of these things are edible yet still retains the nutritional hazards of sugar. That is why a law has been passed to limit the consumption of the environment. These candies can easily be grown through a special purple seed called a 'sugar seed' which can spontaneously form in the ground, and grow into any kind of candy or sweet possible. These seeds, by law, are only allowed on Gobstopper, as planting these on other worlds can be damaging to any ecosystem.

This plant has 7 kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms, ever since the Great Addiction, have been trying to protect the UUniversal immigrants from getting too hyped up by the environment they live in. These beings, called Gobsters, originating from the planet's environment and either looking human or like a magical candy being, are known to be very friendly as long as their rules are followed. They have made a law that allows for healthier foods to be traded to this planet despite the fact that such foods can't be grown on the planet without being candied. These kingdoms include:

  • The North Ice Cream Kingdom- Ruled by Queen Frost, this kingdom mainly takes up the Ice Cream Arctic of Gobstopper, and is a rivaling kingdom to the South Kingdom.
  • The South Ice Cream Kingdom- Ruled by Queen Whipsy, this kingdom mainly takes up the Ice Cream Antarctic of Gobstopper, and is a rivaling kingdom to the North Kingdom.
  • Gingerbreadica- Ruled by King Ginn, this kingdom takes up the gingerbread lands in Gummus.
  • Lolli Empire- Ruled by Princess Lollo, this kingdom takes up the Lollipop territory in Lolliand.
  • Sourplains Empire- Ruled by King Calcium, this kingdom takes up the islands of the Yogurt Lake in Glycossia, as well as all other cities in the continent.
  • Chocolate Kingdom- Ruled by Prince Goober, this kingdom takes up the Chocolate Lands and Islands bordering Glycossia and Xylitolia.
  • Licorice Empire- Ruled by Lord Twizz, this is a corrupt kingdom and the most forbidden place to enter. No fun exists here, and as a result of the Lord's crimes on Gobstopper, he was confiscated of all his belongings, and exiled to a brown sugar desert where nothing grew except licorice and taffy tar pits.



  • Cinnamon Roll Mountains
  • Marshmallow Marshes
  • Fudge Swamp
  • Sugar Plum Valley
  • Gingerbreadica
  • Gelatin Lake
  • Confect Islands
  • Ginger City- Capital of Gingerbreadica Kingdom
  • Nom Nom- City
  • Santa Lactose- City
  • Mallow City- City


  • Gumdrop Peaks
  • Sucrose Desert
  • Sucker Plateau
  • Cotton Candy Jungle
  • Lollipop Forest
  • Popsicle Tundra
  • Lolly Valley
  • Chocolate Falls
  • Chocolate Lakes
  • Lolli Empire City- Capital of Lolli Empire
  • Glucose City- City
  • Whimzy- City
  • Wonka City- City
  • Reese- City


  • Cake Mountains
  • Doughnut Plateau
  • Brown Sugar Desert
  • Imagination Land
  • Scrumptious Islands
  • Candy Apple Forest
  • Pudding Bog
  • Yogurt Lake
  • Caramel Lakes
  • Wafer River/Bridge
  • Sourplain City- Capital of Sourplains Empire
  • Hershey- City
  • Cacao City- City
  • Dahl- City


  • Sprinkled Mountains
  • Brownie Plateau
  • Oktober Wastelands
  • Peppermint Woods
  • Licorice Lands
  • Chocolate Lands
  • Chocolate Islands
  • Chocolate Canyon
  • Taffy Tar Lands
  • Jelly Lake
  • The Chocolate Kingdom- Capital City
  • Licori City- Capital of Licorice Empire
  • Sprinkle City- City
  • Jawbreak- City
  • Jellystone- City
  • Whoopity- City
  • Sourcrop City- City
  • Twizzle- City


  • Cone Mountains
  • Slush Spiral Mountain
  • Mint Chip Mesa
  • Butterscotch Valley
  • Snow Cone Valley
  • Banana Split Valley
  • Sherbet Lands
  • North Ice Cream Kingdom- Capital City
  • Crème City- City
  • Sloshua- City
  • Stracciatella- City


  • Icee Mountains
  • Icee Valley
  • Cookies and Cream Plateau
  • Rippling Peaks
  • Sprinkling Chocolate Bog
  • Buttercup Lands
  • Cookie Dough Lands
  • Swirling Lands
  • South Ice Cream Kingdom- Capital City
  • Spumoni City- City
  • Flurry- City
  • Hokey Pokey- City
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