The Gods of the Alternate UUniverses, historically known as the Hölözemoryds (Which means 'Many-Core Race' in their language), are an entire immortal race of beings that originated in the Alternate UUniverses, all created by and serving The Grand Fate Master. They were once a proud race that had transsentience and had Teadr 0 technology, making them the most advanced and benevolent race in the AUU. Coming in different forms and origins, they all lived in the 8 universes' centers, which were referred to as God Zones. All gods for each universe inhabited these individual God Zones. They possessed expansive knowledge, could fight with an unlimited amount of combat skills, and each had hereditary godly powers of their own. However, following the AUU First Cartoonian War against an unknown demonic enemy, The Grand Fate Master banished them to a godly dimension called the Immortum Realm, where they couldn't interact with mortals at all. A few evolution masters were left behind under the rule of never interacting with mortals, and their God Zones were inaccessible to any mortal unless they had Teadr 0 technology. The Grand Fate Master then took over each God Zone and created 7 children called the Seven Fatecroms. Ever since this banishment, the gods have formed a civilization of their own that was expansive and, compared to mortals, was larger than even the Yatorans. These beings are what one in the Original UUniverses would describe as a combination of the Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kais and Halo Forerunners.


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Society and Culture

Society and Abilities

The AUU Gods are gods in a much different sense than what one would normally view a god. This entire race lives in a Teadr 1-like society like the Yatorans, except their technology is increased in Teadr level a thousand fold, being in a Transsentient, or Teadr 0, level. These beings have differing appearances, but all have been known to possess a third eye in between the other two like the Yatorans, believing that a third eye is useful for seeing everything. Their basic forms are that like a Yatoran, but they have various forms of skin color than them depending upon their caste and role, and most other Teadr 1 beings, extinct or otherwise, are of similar appearances and qualities to them, as they believe that they were designed to be adequate public successors to them. Their appearances are regal, they often appear in either white or gold armor, and their names mostly end with M's as it reflects how they control the elements of the AUU, as well as X's and S's, though not all AUU Gods have M's, X's, and S's at the end of their names.

(Armor coming soon...) The Gods are required to keep a very nice appearance at all times as part of their customs, meaning they sterilize and bathe twice a day. They are even required to wear techno-armor. Though sometimes, with Teadr 0 technology, they can mentally summon the armor into assembling itself onto their bodies. This armor ranges in design, and can often have different pieces levitating from certain areas as a creative décor. As Gods, they are immortal, though their immortality is fueled by quantum energy like that found in the God Zones. They have diseases of their own like OUU Gods, but none of them are fatal unless specifically tailored to quantum energy. This is why only quantum energy-based weapons can harm or even kill them. These beings also have an unlimited knowledge of combat skills as they know all forms of combat, and can even copy any opponent's moves by watching them fight. They also have distinctive powers depending upon their lore including Herculean strength, and unbelievable endurance. Plus, like their immortality, their abilities need fuel and replenishment, this time by sunlight, as they can replenish their energy when exposed to sunlight of any kind. Though they are immortal, they can be put into comas when taking too much damage or remaining out of sunlight for too long in combat. However, their power and their hardiness to danger of all kinds earns them their name as the AUU Gods, as though they can be killed, they can only be cast off of a mortal body and their spirit can eventually forge a new body, or do anything very destructive to their leisure, through their quantum-fused biology, thus meaning that it's hard, and maybe even impossible, to beat them, if you're a mortal.


(Cities coming soon...) The Gods had their own culture and beliefs akin to those of the mortal races they created. They even established a primitive word for Teadr levels called 'Tser' which had a different measuring method than Teadrs. The AUU Gods believed that life was their responsibility, and it should be governed by them alone, seeing that they were responsible for most of the work, which is one of the many reasons why they almost rebelled against the Grand Fate Master if it hadn't been for his uncle The Grand Amoral Elder. These beings had a strong sense of honor and believed that life was to be as peaceful as it could and not create races that come too close to being at a Teadr 0 level because it could pose a threat to the way of life they have. They could govern life in the AUU even in their banishment realm. They have even been the race to create the 'Universal Language' of 'Verseguese' (Translating to 'universal language'), which is now referred to as Usuablothian after the world that improved on it, and English to those from the Original UUniverses.

Though they are immortal and had a lot of power, these beings, due to their belief that life was precious and gift-giving, thought they needed companionship and full acknowledgement from them. Despite limitations imposed by the Grand Fate Master, these gods often interacted with mortals, and often times fell in love with them, giving birth to demigod hybrids that the Grand Fate Master seems to despise. If the Grand Amoral Elder had not stepped in, these acts of inter-racial relations would've been banned and a rebellion could've sparked. But the Grand Fate Master still couldn't accept it despite trying, and after the AUU First Cartoonian War having a lot of assumed irresponsible acts with mortals, it was possibly one of the many reasons why the gods were banished in the first place. Though demigods still existed in the AUU including Serosity.

AUU God Castes

AUU God Caste Symbols

The Gods have several castes depending on the emblem they have either as bioluminescent and ultraviolet tattoos or as a glowing decoration on their armor, as well as appearance. These castes included:
  • Ascendants- The highest caste of the AUU Gods that comprise of ruling Gods that are above all others, consisting of head gods. They have red/brown/orange/yellow/blue/turquoise/purple/pink/black/white-shaded skin, unlimited hair and eye color, and have ranging body details depending upon their godly role.
  • Hierarchs- Gods that served as judges and jury of life itself and what is to become of them and uphold morality and beliefs of what to do. They have blue/turquoise/white-blue/purple/indigo/black/white-shaded skin, white hair, color-changing eyes, a transparent brain case, and two antennae on their forehead.
  • Prodigies- Gods that fought for the good of their race in military powers. They have dark-orange/ochre/red/chili-red/yellow-shaded skin, reddish-brown/mahogany/gray/golden-shaded hair, color-changing bioluminescent eyes, two antennae, and highly-detailed bodies which include membrane-protected exposed muscle.
  • Framers- Gods that created and built, and were the providers of knowledge throughout the AUU. They have dark-blue/dark-brown/turquoise/indigo/black/white-shaded skin, red/orange/yellow/green/white-shaded hair, unlimited-colored eyes, and two antennae on their foreheads.
  • Crafters- Gods that were responsible for the laws of nature and evolution, which is the caste that the highest non-Racegiver Evolution Masters took the role of. They have chocolate-brown/mahogany/red-brown/apricot/green-shaded skin, red/orange/yellow-shaded hair, dark-shaded glowing eyes of different colors, and they have antennae on top of their heads.
  • Minorities- The civilian-class gods who did common jobs in AUU God society. They have random powers as they have an unlimited genetic anomaly similar to other beings, and have an unlimited amount of skin, hair, and eye color. When they move up to higher castes, they undergo an evo-metamorphosis to become their higher caste.


AUU God Weapons

AUU God Weapons

The AUU Gods have a Teadr 0 technology level, meaning that they are transsentient. Their technology is expansive and beyond scientific comprehension. Their most stunning pieces of technology are quantum technology, which they use for creating artificial time paradoxes, speed up, slow down, or even freeze time at will, and have even banned time travel throughout the AUU. Other technology they possess includes digital assembly, artificial upgrading and laser-based construction and engineering devices, and the ability to transform bioorganic material into machinery, as well as creating auto-assembly devices in the form of fully-sentient robots and weapons, automatically assembling themselves through antigravity technology. Their weapons are capable of killing immortals through quantum-based energy, and can be switched into other forms of weaponry including plasma, particle, disintegration, freezing, and incendiary. However each weapon is programmed to only recognize a god's hand by the scanner on the hold, and thus they can only be wielded by the Gods.

(Machines coming soon...) Other forms of technology include teleportation, energy manipulation and crafting, telekinesis and telepathic technologies, warp capabilities, time and space manipulation, perfected artificial evolution and genetic manipulation, regression of Teadr level in races, interdimensional capabilities, the ability to create and alter worlds to their own needs, hard-light technology, and the creation of a purely-indestructible and dense metal called divinium, which is what constructs all AUU God monuments, being destroyed only by Teadr 0 technology. The monuments of the AUU Gods are massive and towers over the size of Teadr 1 monuments like the Yatorans. They have even used antigravity technology to create large AFTs that can actually stay in place due to a gravity lock, and can even support a large amount of plant life. Their vehicles are also top-notch as they range in appearance and size. Their space cruisers are very massive and have a lot of defenses.

(Robots coming soon...) Their robots are completely sentient and can often assemble and disassemble themselves at will. They come in several types including drones and droids. Drones have many functions depending upon the kind of job they are programmed to do. Maintainers are responsible for digital repair and maintenance, Guardians are responsible for being keepers of various God factions and monuments across the God Zone and are often harmless, and Warriors are responsible for security and coordinated attacks. Droids are the same, except they are ground-based and can fulfill many tasks. Mobile Units (MUs) are self-assembling droids that are for giving AIs, called Oracleums, a mobile form when they are required to do physical tasks, Service Units (SUs) which are self-assembling independent service droids that do various jobs and services, and Ranger Units (RUs) are self-assembling droids that can come in various models and do law-enforcement duties. There also exists large war machines of ranged unimaginable proportionate size that are called Battlecroms, mostly self-assembling, as several types have been constructed.

They also possess a data network called the Nexus, which is said to have a mind of it's own and is legendary in god lore as a benevolent deity named Nexx that was downloaded into a system of unimaginable power. The Nexus is run by Nexx's downloaded consciousness as an Oracleum, and this unit is the keeper and controller of all machines in the Teadr 0 arsenal, including drones, droids, vehicles, weapons, computers, other Oracleums, Battlecroms, and so many others. It's heart is also purely crafted by spectral energies and therefore is unable to be corrupted by any virus, worm, and lasts for eternity. Nexx as a being is benevolent, wise, knowledgeable, pure, and has a belief in perfection and revolution, believing that all immortals and mortals are alike and equal, even having some doubts on Outer Gods, Verses, and even Amorals who want things their way, including the Grand Fate Master whom she has to serve since the banishment of the AUU Gods.

Known Individuals & Enemies

Golden Guardian Council

These Gods are run by the stewardship of an entire council of high-ruling gods known as the Golden Guardians, or Golden Guardian Council, or GCC, which consists of the most dominant gods, Ascendant or otherwise, of this immortal race. Each of these guardians were once situated in their own respective God Zones until banishment to the Immortum Realm brought them close together as friends and close companions.

  • Aeorom- The Yatoran king of the gods and god of technology and intelligence.
  • Oxymire- The Yatoran god of purity and strength.
  • Sutymede- The Yatoran goddess of love, lust, and pleasure.
  • Zomgum- The Yatoran god of war and destruction.
  • Suzxrom- The Yatoran god of messages and determination.
  • Gasoccum- The Acrillesian king of the gods and god of the weather and storms.
  • Ryzus- The Acrillesian god of battle, victory, and peace.
  • Solserra- The Acrillesian goddess of the sun and light.
  • Yollog- The Acrillesian god of weapons, poetry, and arts.
  • Ipholis- The Acrillesian god of the sky and order.
  • Xermeum- The Acrillesian god of the dead.
  • Oerum- The Marbonian king of the gods and god of faith, hope, and change.
  • Tarkrom- The Marbonian god of space, comets, meteors, and gravity.
  • Sirona- The Marbonian goddess of beauty and color.
  • Mneumn- The Marbonian god of emotion, personality, and the mind.
  • Spague- The Marbonian god of resurrection, healing, and medicine.
  • Nepiton- The Marbonian god of the sea and life within it.
  • Vulgun- The Marbonian god of fire, volcanoes, tectonics, and fiery extinctions.
  • Saeturn- The Marbonian god of wealth, agriculture, fulfillment, and superiority.
  • Zemo- The Marbonian god of fear, hate, anger, corruption, murder, and greed.

Golden Praetorians

The Golden Praetorian Force is the main police force of the Golden Guardians consisting of Prodigies that can fight the forces of evil. This guard is commanded by the many gods of war, as well as demigods who became noble warriors.

  • Nerulox- A Yatoran demigod warrior.
  • Gomnshede- A Yatoran demigoddess warrior.
  • Kretem- A Yatoran demigod warrior.
  • Zurkules- An Altusian demigod warrior.
  • Aposawn- An Altusian demigod warrior.
  • Mohlajinir- An Acrillesian demigod warrior.
  • Durilles- An Acrillesian demigod warrior.
  • Renyiseum- A Marbonian demigod warrior.
  • Cestia- A Marbonian demigoddess warrior.
  • Itiymede- A Marbonian demigod warrior.


  • Noccdoum- The evil Yatoran god of the dead and head of Tartamon who wishes to take over the AUU Gods.
  • Elocyon- The evil Yatoran demigod follower of Noccdoum.
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