Going Outer Town is the Pre-Finish Special of Season 3B of SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles. While Star was spending time with her outer god friends from Saetha's Wedding, Star was informed by the Commission that a quintet of defect Outer Gods have appeared in the bazaar, freaking out and surprising people. Star and her outer friends went and encounter, Spiidera, an overtly excitable and food-happy Pathmaker, her grouchy and argument-prone conflicting duo friends, Chronhus the Time Counciler and Skoliosis the Deity Queller, and the fourth one, a good-natured but very wiseguy-minded Chancespawn named Chancey Betz Jr.. The four turned out to be a collection of defected Outer Gods that are looking for a place called Outer Town, an inbetween realm stationed area where defected outer gods and homeless interdimentional beings after an Xexaxez attack, go and be safe and free. Chancey explained that Outer Town is a safe haven away from automatic ends, Chancey explaining that he expects to be a place where even Mewmans and reminant Manapedes can be found. To Star, that gives her the idea to give Millipede a new chance at a life. So, apawn taking Millipede, she also invites the Lougers to go on a quest to find Outer Town. However, with a Dimentional Locator ruled out due to complications, the group turn to the aide of Elder Dimentus to find another way to Outer Town in the inbetween realm. Dimentus did offer one, but he warned of it being risky. They would have to find an Inbetween Realm Loophole Portal that offers unfethered access, but the catch is, the group would have to travel into the farthest rims of the Multiverse to do that, where the loopholes mostly grow in dead, yet-borned, glitched, or neglected dimentions, which are typically crawling with Devient Outer Gods of various verities, some more dangerious then others, thus, Dimentus offers to help directly. Now the group travel into neglected dimentions crawlling with devients and other deadly risks. However, little did they realise, that the group are monitored by the wicked CorruptionerHorrendor, who seeks to find Outer Town himself for him to usurp of leadership and rule for himself in aiming to create an army to crush the Multiverse to reshape in his dark image. Would our heroes be prepared for the trouble Horrendor would throw their way, all the while, will the four defectors end up being won over by Star's Outer Friends and end up reconsidering their Outer Town dreams in favor of new friends? All the while, Star herself wants to be able to meet up with the prime leader of Outer Town, a Restorate named Vivalus, to ask for the restoration of Lekhmet as an apology gift for the Comission (Give or Take) After feeling bad about being too hard on Glossryck in Asper Returns, as she felt that any bitterness torwords the Commission is "Mostly" fading away after how hard she was to Glossyck in reckitnesing the ultamate painful truth about them.

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