Gahyoun P. Goldine, AKA Gold-Shot, is an alien gunslinger from Yonder and the creater of the Mister Crux AI and the Crux Syndicate. In thanks to turning a once simple futuristic world into a western hybrid with futruistic items, he is a widely-infamous outlaw, and among one of the most deadly, as he is noted for his golden skin, his golden tooth, and for his 6 extra mechanical arms that allow him to wield 8 firearms at the same time, dealing a great deal of damage. He even has a gang of 6 Wrummels that help him in gunfights. He is best known for weapon, raritanium, and drug smuggling operations, bank raids, and for the murder of one of the town's mayor. He may look like a generic minion but he's in truth a major factor in turning Yonder into a near-lawless mess of a shell of it's former glory, hiding behind his AI "Master", to have an excuse to live his crazed fanasities of living his dreams of having a wild west world in the future, growing up from a life of being a wild west movie fan.


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Gold-Shot is an alien similar to a grey alien, but with a wider head, gold-colored skin, human-like eyes, human-like legs, and a short tail. He has 3 golden teeth, 6 mechanical arms on his back, wears an armor-plated suit with belts and holsters, and wields 8 space-gun revolvers.

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