Wonston Prell Beamrage

Wonston P. Beamrage, AKA Goldbeam, is an Alternate UUniversal Cauter from Planet Zoytia. He is a lion-like feline who was the son to an adopted editor-in-chief and an investigative journalist in Zoo Vista City, and was a famous genius and astronaut, and was guided into greatness by his Triger mentor Hyrold Goldbeam, who always told him to do great things and have big adventure before disappearing in an unknown space anomaly. Later in his life, during his astronaut career, he drifted off into space after an incident on par with Gravity, and was abducted by rogue Outens who exposed him to experimental alien spores that increased his size and gave him unique powers, and after escaping with said powers, and going to Planet Integer, the capital of the Animal High Command, where they helped him by building him a suit, and after becoming a juggernaut for them called Colonel Goldbeam, and after a few crazy mishaps that caused him to lose focus and believe that he could lead his enemies to his cosmonaut father on Zoytia and put him in danger, he quit for a brief moment and went on to work as an inventor, but after remembering his mentor's words 10 years later upon hearing that the Zoopremacists have finally discovered the location of an entire mine of zoobrainium on Zoytia from one of their best generals, he goes on to help the AHC and some unlikely OUU heroes to protect Zoytia from danger, all while reuniting with his retiring father, and later gains the courage to join the Heroes Act. He is a genius in many scientific fields that serves as a kind of heavy capable of wielding heavy equipment, wears tough armor that regulates the harmful effects of the alien spore that augments him, coming with a force field, recharging energy shield, and an energy pack that boosts his jumps and allows him to temporarily fly, wields the heaviest of weaponry including his trademark invention, the Crackler Gausser Cannon, which can be summoned via an ISD and is able to temporarily boost his strength and grant temporary invincibility through the alien spores. He has a semi-wacky personality and can still be quite the bold risk taker who will do anything to make Hyrold proud.


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