Goldie Gnu
Goldie Gnu
Vital statistics
Title Tour Guide for Herbavoris
Gender Female
Race/Species Moose (Alces alces)
Faction Tour Guide
Description Morally Conflicted and Forced to Support The Tyranny of Herbavoris, Guilty
Skills and Abilities Natural Moose Abilities
Status Alive
Location Herbavoris, Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Goldie Gnu is a tour guide for the city of Herbavoris. Dispite this, she's an extremely friendly and approuchable female moose. While Herbavoris is her home, she is not happy here and is only staying on the request of her late father to care for the family by continuing the family job of tour guide. Though, she can't help but to feel that she could've just as easily have the family simply leave Herbavoris to move to the much better Zootopia, become a tour guide there, and still live up to the promise. However, stronger restrictions in the city have kept her trapped here otherwise. Dispite this, give or take some moments of depression, she keeps an upbeat and positive attatude, though she admits she would love to have a far greater porpose then what she's been presented with. And that may end up soon enough give her that chance. She is ordered to follow the lies of Mayor Swineton and spread lies that Tame Collars are the only means of keeping predators from acting up against fellow herbivore citizens so they can be prevented from becoming recent additions to the long-running hunt for the Herbavoris Underworld, and support Swineton's prejudicial tyranny over predators. Goldie is very unsupportive of the purpose of Tame Collars in Herbavoris, but she was threatened with being accused of treason and be litigated if she refused.


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