Goldstone is an Equestrian griffin who appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #62 as one of the griffin lords of Griffonstone at the Convocation of Creatures and the main antagonist of the issue. He is depicted in his in-game description in Gameloft's mobile game that he is one of the more conniving griffon lords that will entertain the most devious of plans if it will help him expand his own holdings. Following the discovery the most of Equestria's land including Canterlot was given to ponies by loan to the griffins that by the time of the issue would legally belong to the griffins if it wasn't paid, putting thousands of ponies out of their homes. Goldstone claims the payment required should include several centuries' worth of interest, which would bankrupt Equestria, leading to the decision to give an announcement the following evening or return the land to Griffonstone. Discovering that during the treaty's initial signing, circumstances with the yaks that served as a third party between the ponies and griffons' agreement resulted in the original price for the land being indeed paid, thus negating the transfer of land to the griffons. But Goldstone, realizing their discovery could cost Griffonstone new territory and vast riches, tries to destroy the scroll by force, but eventually failed and was arrested for treason.

Role in the series

It's revealed in the show that Goldstone's actions have resulted in a massive racial uproar and controversy that marked the griffins into serious discrimination as greedmongering beasts. This had ruined their alliance with the ponies to a slight amount, and griffins were suffering heavily since the incident caused support from other races to be abruptly cut, to where even King Cedric had a difficult time running the griffin homeland. Griffins were discriminated and treated like criminals and griffins like Gallus had to attend the School of Friendship in order to repair this uproar. He's also currently still held in Griffin Prison.

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