Goliath the Mutant Shark

is a great white shark that was raised in a military war project. But when the project was destroyed, Goliath escaped and hid in Lake Paradiso for 100 years.

Goliath will appear in 'The Shark of Lake Paradiso', where the Lodgers will try and find the mutant shark with the help of it's rival, the shark-hunting seagull named Spencer.


Goliath was a great white shark raised in a military gentics lab on Planet Paradisa. He was involved in a military project called Project: Goliath, which was tasked to engineer a strain of mutated and ravenous sharks to serve during Paradisian War III. They created a chemical sludge designed to upgrade the biological abilities of the sharks, and use them in the war. However, one shark, which was Goliath, but was originally named 'Demon', was the most aggresive shark in the batch that refused to be treated with the sludge. Each time they tried, Demon always ended up eating someone.

As the war continued, Demon became more and more furious until one day, when the scientists tried to treat him with the sludge, Demon knocked over all of the sludge in the lab, and this eventually blew up the lab. All of the mutant sharks were killed except Demon, who survived the explosion after being dosed by sludge. That was the day he became Goliath. He was now a lethal killing machine that hid in Lake Paradiso for a century. Then after that came his first victim.

Goliath was feared by all of the people in Paradisa. Then came the day the Mayor of Paradisa offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who could catch Goliath and bring him to the military for further research and execution. Anyone who tried to hunt down this beast was eaten one-by-one. Anyone except for one person. A shark-hunting seagull named Spencer Silvertalon. People say Spencer had killed 27 Great Whites in a single month. He was the first one to survive an attack from Goliath. However, he survived 5 more attacks, each time both survived. But someday, Spencer will finally kill Goliath, and Lake Paradiso will finally be peaceful again.


The experimental sludge that Goliath was exposed to has turned him from a regular non-sentient great white shark to a giant monster shark the size of a school bus. His head is covered in bony rock-hard armor like a placoderm which also allows it to be used as a battering ram. Goliath can swim as fast as a torpedo, and can jump out of the water at a height of 15 ft, allowing him to reach helicopters.

Just like other great whites, Goliath has a strong sense of smell, a skeleton made of mostly cartilage, regenerative teeth, extremely strong jaws, electroreception, and strong hearing. However, for Goliath's mutations, he is capable of not just growing back teeth, but also a regenerative healing factor. He can heal any wounds or replace any broken off body parts. But this doesn't always work. If Goliath should explode into a million pieces, he'll never be able to heal back due to his internal organs being severely damaged.

Also, Goliath's entire muscular system is strengthened very rapidly, giving him his torpedo speed swimming ability, and also the biting force of T-Rex, and the reputation of a piranha. Goliath's teeth are serrated, and can chomp through flesh like a hot knife through butter. Goliath also has an extendable proboscis in his jaws, described as a tongue covered in teeth, which it uses to pull his prey into his mouth.

As for Goliath's electroreceptors, they have been upgraded into something way more advanced. Goliath now uses a combination of electroreception, and tachyon emission. With this, Goliath's senses can go faster than light, and pick up his prey within a 50th of a second.

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