Grotch alerts the Superior heroes to him to reveal that there is a new threat on Kratos. This one in particular is related to his first foe during the Good-Evil War of Kratos' beginnings. Long ago, when he discovered and implemented quantonium, the leader of the time, Emperor Avataraverse, was against this because when Zeus brought them to Kratos to protect them from human activity, he expected for them to return the favor by not 'Playing God', along side more personal reasons in being afraid of these powers being abused and creating things worse then Darkspawn, and that means he considered quantonium powers against such a thing, which actselly started out as a well intentional aim to keep people from becoming superiors, but because of unfortunate mishaps and that the people deemed the emperor as "Ungrateful" to that the powers saved their civilisation from Darkspawn enslavement, which actselly wasn't really the case but actions ended up speaking louder then words and the people mistook his actions as the emperor not appresiating things at all and that he cowerdly hides behind relijustus zeal to flimsfully justify his tyranny, which ended up pushing the emperor to an edge that he's no longer so gentle about the situation, and thus started a civil war known as the 'Good-Evil War', which was what landed the basis of superheroes and supervillains on Kratos, and possibly even beyond, and as much as he hated to do so, he had to sacrifice his dignity by becoming a hypocrite by using quantonium to 'fight fire with fire', mainly by logical means to have a chance against superiors for obvious reasons that staying consisently normal would've had the war ended one-sidedly. Grotch clearly succeeded, but the past has resurfaced as a new generation. One such is his descendant, Alexander Avataraverse, is seeking, in his own words, "a more logical and more reasonable approach to Opjurge's plan", by turning everyone into normal animals again by building a space station called the 'Null and Void', which is a quantonium mining, refining, and experimentation station using some technology from Shamus' old Meta-Nullifier Satellite, as a means to complete his ancestor's plan, and upon turning everyone back to normal, he will do the same to himself and his crew. However, to do so, he plans to gain omnipotence, which is clearly illegal by Kratosian law because of the consequences of such unlimited power. So, the Justic Teens and the other hero friends they made on their adventures agree to help Grotch finish what he started and stop Avataraverse before he reaches such unlimited power. Thus, the Justic Teens, their 'Registry Only' friends, and the Foxtrots team up to go to the Null and Void and confront Avataraverse before he starts a second Good-Evil War. The Lodgers are even informed of this through Algor and arrived as quickly as possable. But surprisingly, the villains of Kratos are also joining into the cause to stop Alexander, even dispite being considered "A fellow villain", though they are quick to denounce him as "Baron Opjurge 2.0. Lion Edition" and that Alexander is just as much a threat to their powers and the villain community in Kratos as a whole as he is to heroes and average superiors. Though Algor is relucent, he accepts the unexpected but much needed allience, but warns the heroes to be cautious of last minute betrayals for any possable reason, espeically since the villains of Kratos made no secret that they want Alexander dead vs. proper justice. Will a poisoned allience be worth the trouble?


(Zeustron Awakening Theme)

Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever "Virus" by Max Legend

Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever "Virus" by Max Legend


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