Goonami, originally Philmore Jr., is a Thalassomedon from SpongeBob's world. He has been frozen in Bikini Bottom's trademark glacier right next to Sand Mountain and Goo Lagoon since the 70s, yet cartoonishly remains preserved. He eventually breaks out following the terrorist act of global warming committed by marine iguana terrorist Hector. At first, he didn't know that a dinosaur was preserved inside, and decides to name him 'Goonami' after the incident he's causing, and has kept him as a secret unsentient pet beast that eats as much unlucky inhabitants as it can as being in suspended animation for decades has made him very hungry, but ultimately eats him when he makes the grave mistake of angering SpongeBob by nearly drowning and killing Sandy. After being driven insane as a pet creation of a sea turtle palentologest named Dr. Philmore Loggushead and a saltwater-experimented engenius Koi named Dr. Koi through violent thieves, it became a vicious beast driven by predator instinct and is nevertheless semi-intelligent as it swims in the goo (Which is the less-dense 'water' of underwater society) of Bikini Bottom and can also crawl on non-goo surfaces like a seal to get to far away prey. He is also so big, he can cause adverse goo discharges wherever he goes, unintentionally rising the sea levels, and he plays well in such a tactic. He is a true predator on par with Cretaceous and Maelstrom from Ice Age 2.


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